Lee Ji-ah X Lee Sang-yoon, split in the perfect life… ‘Pandora’ Premiere on the 11th |

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New Saturday drama ▲tvN ‘Pandora: Fabricated Paradise’ Lee Ji-ah – Lee Sang-yoon – Jang Hee-jin – Park Ki-woong – Bong Tae-gyu, group poster / Photo = tvN

tvN’s new Saturday and Sunday drama ‘Pandora: Fabricated Paradise’ (Creator Kim Soon-ok, Director Choi Young-hoon, Writer Hyun Ji-min, Planning Studio Dragon, Producer Green Snake Media) features Hong Tae-ra ( Lee Ji-ah ) has a crack in her perfect life before the first broadcast today (11th). ), Pyo Jae-hyeon (Lee Sang-yoon), Go Hae-soo (Jang Hee-jin), Jang Do-jin (Park Ki -woong), and Koo Sung-chan (Bong Tae-gyu).

Clashes involved in the troubling events and secrets revealed stimulate curiosity.

‘Pandora: Fabricated Paradise’ is a revenge drama where a woman who lives a life that everyone envies recovers her lost memories of the past to punish the forces that manipulated her destiny.

Director Choi Yeong-hoon, who gave thrilling catharsis in ‘Wonder Woman’ and ‘Good Casting’, grabbed a megaphone, and local writer Kim Sun-ok, a member of the ratings guarantee checking department, took the pen. Here, ‘Legend’ author Kim Soon-ok, who wrote ‘Penthouse’, ‘Empress’s Dignity’ and ‘Wife’s Temptation’, participated as creator.

The reversal, the unpredictable suspense, unconventional action and thrilling visual beauty created by the two-sided characters will complete a revenge drama on a different level. Even actors who believe and see like Lee Ji-ah, Lee Sang-yoon, Jang Hee-jin, Park Ki-woong, and Bong Tae-gyu joined.

As the anticipation of the first broadcast increases, Hong Tae-ra and Pyo Jae-hyun in the public photos are enjoying a happy life with a romantic kiss.

news/photo/202303/226851_127976_5342.jpg?resize=600%2C648&ssl=1" alt="▲tvN 새 토일드라마 ‘판도라 : 조작된 낙원’ 이지아-이상윤-장희진-박기웅-봉태규 / 사진=tvN" width="600" height="648" layout="responsive" class="amp_f_img" data-recalc-dims="1"/>
New Saturday drama ▲tvN ‘Pandora: Fabricated Paradise’ Lee Ji-ah – Lee Sang-yoon – Jang Hee-jin – Park Ki-woong – Bong Tae-gyu / Photo = tvN

In the pictures that follow, Hong Tae-ra and Ko Hae-soo go to Hanul Mental Hospital to pursue clues from an American case 15 years ago. Following the unusual atmosphere of Hong Tae-ra and Go Hae-soo, the stern eyes of Jo Kyu-tae (Gong Jeong-hwan), the head of Hanul Mental Hospital, throw a question mark on what the truth of ‘that day’ will be.

The success story of Pyo Jae-hyeon, Jang Do-jin, and Koo Sung-chan, who led ‘Haechi’ with new cranial nerve smart patch technology, is also attracting attention. In the Hatch clever patch presentation under the spotlight, Pyo Jae-hyeon, who shows his soft charisma in front of reporters, and Jang Do-jin, whose eyes tremble as if he is confused, arouse curiosity.

In the first episode, while Pyo Jae-hyeon reveals his ambition to reach high places, Hong Tae-ra is confused as her lost memories of the past are unexpectedly revived. Hong Tae-ra, who comes across an incredible truth in Hanul Mental Hospital, visited Go Hae-soo, stirs interest by predicting an unpredictable development that cannot let go of tension from the first episode.

The production team of ‘Pandora: Fabricated Paradise’ said, “From the first episode, the secret that shakes Hong Tae-ra’s life is revealed, and the Pandora’s box with tremendous truth is opened.” You won’t be able to take your eyes off one visual beauty for a moment.”

Meanwhile, tvN’s new Saturday drama ‘Pandora: Fabricated Paradise’ will premiere at 9:10pm on the 11th.

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