Lee Jun-seok “Captain, no strategy… Worried about losing the 2002 presidential election” [인터뷰]

People’s Power Representative Lee Jun-seok is diagnosing the problems of the election committee during an interview with the Hankook Ilbo at the National Assembly’s party representative office on the 29th. By Oh Dae-geun

The 8th day after an unprecedented voluntary resignation from the Party Representative Election Countermeasures Committee. It was difficult to find a different image from when I met Lee Jun-seok, the representative of the People’s Power, on the 29th and announced his resignation. Rather, he pointed out the problems of the people’s power predecessor, one by one, and emphasized the reason why he chose Super Gangsu. In an interview with Hankook Ilbo at the National Assembly’s party representative’s office on the same day, Chairman Lee said bitterly, “If we go in this state, I’m worried that President Lee Hoi-chang will look similar to when he lost to former President Roh Moo-hyun in the 2002 presidential election.” Comparing the presidential election to soccer, ‘offensive football’ is necessary to attract voters’ attention, but the people’s power predecessor committee criticized that it could not even find a ‘scoring strategy’, relying only on the ‘ban Moon Jae-in sentiment’.

On the 21st, in the wake of the protests of Cho Su-jin, former public affairs director of the election committee, he declared the resignation of the election committee, insisting on the resignation of ‘Yun Hak-kwan (a key person on the side of candidate Yoon Seok-yeol)’ and a complete reorganization of the election, but public opinion within the party is only cold for Lee. This is because there are not many opinions that Lee is the cause of the decline in Yoon’s approval rating. Some first-time lawmakers even demanded ‘Lee Jun-seok’s resignation’.

Even though he was likely to be intimidated by such an environment, CEO Lee was not concerned at all. Rather, it was diagnosed that the Yoon Hak-kwan issue or the previous decision-making structure issue that he had raised had not improved at all. In the party’s expectation that “CEO Lee will return soon,” he nailed it, saying, “There is no plan to return to the former captain.”

The following is a Q&A with CEO Lee.

_Do you agree with the assessment within the party that the Yoon Hak-kwan issue was also resolved while Chairman Kim gripped the grip of the former captain?

“I know Chairman Kim well. He must be in a lot of trouble right now. It’s hard to say here, but there is a difference of opinion about whether he does everything he wants.”

_ Candidate Yoon said, “There is no Yoon Hak-kwan.”

“It shows that my perception is that different. When I see candidate Yoon’s remarks, I can’t help but think, ‘Is the concept of Yoon Hak-kwan different from mine?”

_In response to the request for a ‘overall reorganization of the election committee,’ Chairman Kim also expressed his position that it was “difficult at the time.”

“During the 2012 presidential election, General Election Director Kim Moo-seong came in and resolved many problems. That was about 70 days before the election. It is not a timing issue, but if there are internal inconsistencies even 10 days before the election, we need to fix them quickly.”

People’s Power Representative Lee Jun-seok is interviewing the Hankook Ilbo at the National Assembly’s party representative office on the 29th. By Oh Dae-geun

_ Specifically, what is the problem with the captain?

“If it has been at least a month since the formation of the election committee, there must be a clear ‘voting strategy. If you ask a person in charge of ‘what is our grand strategy?’, he probably won’t be able to answer. For example, since ‘this man (male in his 20s)’ is supported, it is logical to recruit Shin Ji-ye for ‘this woman (female in his twenties)’. It’s a strategy, it’s still unclear who decides and who executes it.”

– Did the recruitment of senior vice chairperson of the new era, Shin Ji-ye, affect the decline in the approval rating of men in their 20s?

“If you want to get votes from both sides in a gender debate, you need to recruit people who can rationally discuss even if they have different opinions. As soon as they enter the party, they often go farther to the right than the person on the far right of the party. If those who were in their own domain before joining the party come to the party and assume the role of ‘candidate spokesperson’, the public will ask, ‘What is that person doing?’ would think.”

– Focusing on the 2030 generation, the ‘generational integration theory’ has been emphasized. At present, the ‘anti-Moon Jae-in coalition’ seems to have a clearer stance.

“You have to consider that the anti-strategy is difficult to succeed. The reason President Moon Jae-in lost in the 2012 presidential election was because of the ‘anti Lee Myung-bak’ and ‘anti Park Geun-hye’ strategies. It is unlikely that someone’s anti-club will beat the fan club. It was played with ‘Park Geun-hye or not,’ and victory or defeat has already been decided at that moment. In a situation where the theory of government judgment prevails, (People’s Power) is only going ‘Whether it is Moon Jae-in or not.’ It’s interesting, but none of our players rush to the opposing goal to score a goal. All of them are floating next to the candidates.”

_Isn’t it burdensome that the atmosphere within the party toward President Lee is different from the Ulsan meeting?

“The biggest burden for me is losing the election. What I am doing is to find a way to win. I am worried that if I go on in this ideal state, President Hoi-chang Lee will look similar to when he lost the 2002 presidential election. “Will a candidate with low specs (former President Roh Moo-hyun) be an opponent?”, but that became poison. It’s still the same today. Candidate Yoon said, “How can we discuss with criminals?” That’s our perception. Criminals or whatever. If he and a significant number of the public recognize him as a presidential candidate and support our candidate as much as ours, then he is ignoring his supporters just by making his remarks. Each of those attitudes is affecting the middle class.”

Lee Jun-seok, the representative of People’s Power, is immersed in thought with his chin resting during an interview with the Hankook Ilbo on the 29th. By Oh Dae-geun

_ Still, there are a lot of requests for the return of the captain.

“I told reporters today, ‘I have no plans to do so.’ If so, you have to weigh that first. I don’t think my personal path can solve a lot of the candidate’s problems.”

_ Some point out that it is becoming a ‘risk’ as the two are seen as conflicting.

“That’s the typical logic of ‘Stop thinking for the sake of the organization’. Talking about the company like that is bad for other members as a human being and it’s not good for the company, so stop it. Will the younger generation like it? We have to be sober to see if the shape of the younger generation withdrawing their support for us is really coming from that.”

_ There was an interview that he would return if there was a request for a candidate.

“It is to follow the clause agreed with Candidate Yoon at the Ulsan meeting: ‘The candidate asks the party representative for necessary matters and the party representative accepts it unconditionally.’ If you ask me, I will accompany you. However, it is that I am not involved in planning and conducting.

-I am meeting with Chairman Kim on the 31st, can we expect meaningful results within the year?

“I don’t attach much significance to the year or the date.”

Kim Hyun-bin reporter

Jaeyeon Park reporter



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