Lee Jun-seok dressed in white before the disciplinary hearing… Yanghee Lee’s ‘Fashion Politics’

picture explanationLee Yang-hee, chairman of the Ethics Committee of the People’s Strength, attends the Ethics Committee of the Central Party on the 18th. [한주형 기자]

Although the Ethics Committee of the People’s Power Central Party has decided to take additional disciplinary action against party leader Lee Jun-seok, the fashion politics of Lee Yang-hee, chairman of the ethics committee, is drawing attention. This is because analysis shows that the top and bottom appear in front of the camera in a unified manner with only one color when deciding and discussing the disciplinary action against CEO Lee, delivering an intended message to the public.

According to People Power on the 19th, Chairman Lee, who held the Central Ethics Committee the day before and discussed the disciplinary action against CEO Lee, appeared in a white top and bottom suit. Before the committee was held, Chairman Lee met with reporters and insisted, “I do not make decisions under any circumstances and I do not start the meeting” and “Please do not make speculative articles.” This appears to be aware of the argument that CEO Lee was summoned by the police the day before, and that the ethics committee was convened ‘rapidly’ than originally expected.

When these comments came out, it was interpreted that Chairman Lee’s white suit was also a way to convey the message that he was ‘honest and innocent without political intentions’. The reason for this interpretation is that, in July, when Lee was banned from being a member of the party for six months, he wore a red suit up and down to convey an indirect message.

Red is a color that symbolizes the power of the people, and it has been evaluated that it suggests that the unprecedented decision to punish the party’s leader harshly is the decision of the party’s ‘heir first party’. Only when discussing disciplinary action against Lee does Chairman Lee’s message through fashion and color stand out. On August 22, when discussing whether or not to discipline Rep. Kim Seong-won, who was controversial for saying “I wish it would rain more”, he wore a dark blue suit and a white blouse and showed two fashion colors .

Chairman Lee is the daughter of the late Lee Cheol-seung, former leader of the New Democratic Party, who served for a seventh term. He served as the United Nations Commissioner for the Rights of the Child, Vice-Chairman, and Chair, and served as the first Korean UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in Myanmar.

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