Lee Jun-seok “Presidential leadership is in additional disaster… Yoon Hak-kwan need to operate for thirteen districts”


People’s Electrical power Agent Lee Jun-seok held a push meeting for the initially time these days and produced an formal position after obtaining a critical six-month punishment for his celebration membership previous thirty day period.

Chairman Lee criticized the president and the so-termed ‘Yunhak-kwan’ as a leadership crisis, stating that the transition process was not fair at all.

Reporter George Hyeon reviews.


CEO Lee Jun-seok, who appeared publicly immediately after about a thirty day period of disciplinary motion.

In the job interview which lasted almost an hour, he strongly criticized the system of changing the energy of the people to currently being captainless.

The notion of ​​overthrowing the management of the occasion because of to an crisis problem is an absurd concept in by itself, and he manufactured a stage of building a caricature of the get together by all of a sudden amending the bash structure and occasion principles.

Representative Lee also described the telegram message that President Yoon Seok-yeol despatched to floor leader Kwon Seong-dong and stated that the public was leaving.

[이준석/국민의힘 대표 : “대통령이 원내대표에 보낸 어떤 메시지가 국민의 손가락질을 받는다면 그것은 당의 위기가 아니라 대통령의 지도력의 위기입니다.”]

He known as it a ‘human tragedy’, declaring that no 1 described or apologized for expressing himself as a ‘party leader who shoots internally’ in the message.

He also spoke straight about the conflict with President Yoon, who was a presidential applicant through the presidential election process.

[이준석/국민의힘 대표 : “대통령 선거 과정 내내 한쪽으로는 저에 대해서 이 ○○, 저 ○○ 하는 사람을 대통령 만들기 위해서 당 대표로서 열심히 뛰어야 했던 제 쓰린 마음이 선당후사였습니다.”]

He also harshly criticized the so-called ‘Yunhakwan’ as individuals who were being not able to operate political functions and the state.

He also argued that in buy to win the typical election, Yoon Hak officers ought to operate for 13 constituencies in the metropolitan place.

[이준석/국민의힘 대표 : “공천만 받으면 당선될 수 있는 지역구에 출마하는 이들은 윤석열 정부의 성공을 통해서 딱히 더 얻을 것이 없는 사람들입니다.”]

Agent Lee mentioned that he believes that the court will make a choice to secure procedural democracy and crucial democracy in relation to the software for an injunction, which was manufactured to avert the outcome of the conversion which is not a subrogation.

This is Jo Ji-hyun from KBS News.

Cinematographer: Park Sang-wook / Video clip editing: Lee Jae-yeon

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