Lee Jun-seok, textual content “internal gunfire” warning ethics committee, prompted the most disturbance”

Lee Jun-seok, previous Persons Electricity representative. Information 1

On the 19th, former Folks Energy leader Lee Jun-seok reported, “The opinions that caused the most discord in the get together were being ‘internal fire’ in opposition to the party leader’s actions, right after the party’s Ethics Committee issued a warning. on the 19th that it would be “completely deliberate if it undermines the prestige of the celebration.” “How are you going to deal with that?” he reported.

In an interview with MBN on the exact working day, previous CEO Lee explained, “The matter that the Ethics Committee constantly has a trouble with is that we hear a lot of men and women indicating that the normal is a rubber band .” He stated, “If the bash leader applied the term interior gun violence, how would he judge it? The ethics committee does all the tricky homework on its personal.”

Before, the Party’s Ethics Committee issued a statement on the very same day and explained, “If any member of the party violates the do the job of sustaining dignity, these types of as defaming the bash, defaming others, or encouraging conflict involving factions, whilst categorical a political level of view, the matter will be regarded extra harshly than at any time ahead of “The ongoing political self-restraint inside of the occasion can not be remaining unattended,” he stated.

The Ethics Committee is of the impression that it does not have a certain particular person in mind, but inside of and outside the house the get together, it is interpreted as currently being aimed at former President Lee Seok-yeol, who’ n conducting an off-web page public opinion struggle. against President Yun Seok-yeol and Yoon Hek-kwan (a key man or woman in President Yoon’s side) after switching to an unexpected emergency reaction committee method.

For the duration of a problem about the government held at the plenary assembly of the Nationwide Assembly at all around 4 pm on the 26th of last month, Kwon Seong-dong, the ground leader of the People’s Electrical power, has a conversation with President Yoon Seok-yeol on cellular phone. By Received Dae-yeon, team reporter yeon72@donga.com

Previous CEO Lee stated there was no risk of falsification of the telegram information shared involving President Yoon and floor leader Kwon Seong-dong. “I’ve never ever pointed that out prior to,” he reported. He continued, “This action is explained to have begun with ‘Cherry Tabong’, and I was assembly with celebration customers even though composing a book on Ulleungdo at that time. There is only Lee Jun-seok.”

Previous CEO Lee stated, “In the case of the inside gunshot text concept, (President Yoon) went on family vacation right just after the incident, and it went easily, and there was no appropriate mention of it till the conference to the push on the 100th, so there is no area for misunderstanding.”

He continued, “What sort of misunderstanding could there be in the image that has been taken? If it wasn’t hacked, just isn’t it true that the party chief has been explained as an ‘internal gunfire’?” He ongoing, “I’m heading to display pride in a circumstance exactly where there is no issue of view on the points the obvious, so what is actually the point of me owning a showdown with the president? A person day I will have the possibility to talk immediately to the president. “

Reporter Lee Hye-received, Donga.com hyewon@donga.com

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