Lee Jun-seok, the sniper Jang Je-won before the party convention? “You can judge ‘General Secretary Hosoin'”

On the 14th, Lee Jun-seok, a former representative of People’s Power, caught Facebook

On the 14th, former People’s Power representative Lee Jun-seok said, “I don’t have the courage to come to the party convention, but I need to judge the general secretary who is trying to ruin politics with arrogance.” It is a comment that is interpreted as Rep. Jang Je-won’s sniping of ‘Yoon Haek-gwan’ (a key official on Yoon Seok-yeol’s side). Rep. Chang has repeatedly taken shots at former lawmaker Na Gyeong-won, who is being talked about running for the party convention.

On this day, former CEO Lee said on his social network service (SNS), saying, “This convention will be an election to judge those who want to push someone to become general secretary and create a nomination wave. “

Former CEO Lee’s comments are interpreted as being aimed at Rep. Jang. Rep. Jang is attracting attention from inside and outside the party because of the theory of unity with Rep. Kim Ki-hyun, who declared a challenge to the party leadership (the so-called ‘ Kimjang Solidarity’). It has been interpreted as often appearing at events held or attended by Rep. Kim and giving Rep. Kim power. Some observers said that if Rep. Kim was elected, Rep. Jang would later take the post of party secretary general and have the right to nominate.

Recently Rep. Jang has been sending insulting messages to former Rep. Na in a row. On the 13th, after former lawmaker Na submitted his resignation as vice chairman of the Low Birth Rate and Aging Society Committee, he said on social media, “Is the act of throwing a resignation letter behind the president’s back who is going to sell for the national interest? He demanded, “What is the difference between Yoo Seung-min and Lee Jun-seok when playing with the party?”

On this day, he criticized Na’s actions, such as visiting temples, as “popular political drama” and “mediocre politics” and said, “Why the hell did the few remaining anti-Yun factions in the party scramble to glorify and praise No, who did they hate so much? , I look forward to the tearful declaration of candidacy from the former No lawmaker, who has repeatedly contended with thin approval ratings and politicians who need jobs, who will suddenly transform into a fighter for democracy.”

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