“Lee Jun-seok’s comeback will be scarier than suitable mama, referee Yoon Hak-kwan”

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With the official start of the Incredible People’s Electricity Committee, there will be a court docket hearing tomorrow on an software for an injunction to prevent the outcome of non-payment.

The person who applied for an injunction is Lee Jun-seok, a consultant of the People’s Ability. I’m in the studio now.


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Chairman, the victories were being formally released nowadays.

Are you the recent CEO Jun-seok Lee or the previous CEO Jun-seok Lee?

How do you outline this problem?

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It will count on your viewing angle.

In any scenario, the ambiguity will vanish for a day or two, but I believe the judgment will be manufactured on the application for an injunction.

As a result, it is stated that the leading situation will be abolished when the human being who is not captain is inaugurated, but in reality, there has by no means been a case where former associates of the best rank did not resign right before the inauguration of the individual who is not. n captain

On the other hand, in the circumstance of me and Kim Yong-tae, the supreme council member, it is a predicament in which they did not resign.

This is a extremely new circumstance, and ambiguity continues to exist in that situation.

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Do you continue to feel I’m the agent?

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I will enjoy right up until tomorrow.

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It can be anticipated, it’s possible it can be predicted, and how do you feel the (disposal) will finish?

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I bought the outcome these days that the National Assembly has definitely reliable flooring leader Kwon Seong-dong yet again.

No 1 will choose this reasonably.

And later, procedurally, via the ARS vote, the National Committee built a choice on the conversion of non-subordination In accordance to the unique political party law, agent final decision-earning bodies, these as the Countrywide Committee, are not allowed to make created or delegated conclusions . .

But, what is ARS voting?

I’m just contacting and inquiring the execs and downsides, but right before any final decision, there should really be an possibility to go over it.

And I require to be equipped to check the quorum or a thing like that. Is it fair to count the man or woman on the phone as one particular quorum?

There are also procedural issues in this regard.

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In this problem, the mayor of Daegu Hong Jun-pyo or former lawmaker Na Kyung-gained, these people today assault CEO Lee Jun-seok yesterday and these days.

The president is executing items that are not valuable for the celebration.

Usually are not these parts cumbersome?

In conditions of foreseeable future political motion.

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But I will tell you this.

Amongst those in the Uri Social gathering, Chairman Ho-Young Joo is also matter to an injunction if they say they want to terminate their nominations.

And I have a history of remaining there.

And given that CEO Hong Joon-pyo did not give his nomination, he remaining the social gathering and went out as an unbiased.

This is a shameful detail to say, but on the lookout at this problem, for case in point, between Uri Party legislators, if anything like this transpired in the enterprise exactly where your family has kids, there are lots of individuals who will rushes to you.

It is really just chatting about another person else’s son, so you’re executing it right now.

Or you do it due to the fact that is not what transpired to you. If you say you can expect to be cut off soon after a calendar year or so, slash your hair and do it all.

appear as standard. So it does not necessarily mean a lot.

In the past, CEO Na Kyung-gained also protested loudly and cried and cried when I was evacuated in 2012, and then the nomination for the central component was dropped.

I try to remember everybody.

No, in any situation, if you consider you have been unfairly handled, you can use executive reduction methods such as implementing for an injunction.

Did not the president right away return to business office by means of a ask for for injunctive relief when Minister Choo Mi-ae tried out to self-control him?

Of class, the next big lawsuit was missing again.

So, these are methods you can actively consider if you assume it is really unfair to the unique.

There are persons who say that I am an elected successor, but did the president abandon the establishment at that time?

If you assume it truly is an unreasonable punishment, of course you can argue.

If I consider it is unreasonable at this issue, I can argue.

Since I fought with Mi-ae Chu then, since I fought with Minister Choo Mi-ae, now Seok-yeol Yoon exists, and that is just one of the essences of this governing administration.

But you can not deny that.

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This is the temper that will come after sharing the total message now.

There appears to be a ton of resentment in this form of detail, and there would seem to be a little bit of disappointment as nicely.

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It can be extra of a decline of have faith in than embarrassment.

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There would seem to be a decline of believe in.

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They are such individuals.

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What is the disappointment below?

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There are no expectations, so there is no disappointment, just observing.

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If we had been to talk far more about the non-captains, the listing of non-captains came out these days. As I stated before, Kwon Seong-dong is the ex officio place of the flooring chief, and he has been seconded -examine.

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Now, hunting at the non-commissioned member’s aspect, I will not seriously comprehend what the purpose is.

There are lots of people today I know, and I will not decide the people today separately, but in the close they are appointed leaders, not elected leaders. not commissioned.

We need to find out what Ho-Youthful Joo, who can be claimed to be the appointing authority, intends, but at the moment, the character of the arrangement would seem solid.

Precisely, the reality that Rep. Park Deok-heum appointed secretary common, even in such circumstances, in simple fact, Rep. Park Deok-heum is the individual who constantly talks about his connection with a person of the Yoon Hee- kwan appeals or Yoon Hee-kwan.

Simply because of that, and in the situation of Joo Ki-hwan, a member of the non-commissioned committee previously, in reality, he was a man or woman who was an investigator even though the president was a prosecutor, so he is known for a distinctive romantic relationship.

So, is this genuinely the ideal selection for the Emergency Response Committee to solve the modern declaration of crisis by the government and the social gathering?

Various people today could feel differently, but I believe that Yoon Hak Kwan is liable for the crisis condition.

Then, I think it is ideal to have a structure that excludes the Yoon Hak Kwan, and that people who are relevant to the Yoon HKK Kwan resign.

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If you glimpse at the acceptance rating of the party leader, it really is quite great.

It seems like you are looking at running for a prospect at a national conference in the foreseeable future.

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Now I’m talking about the early countrywide convention.

For those who have designed irrational moves to this extent, the most horrifying thing in that situation is possibly the most horrifying factor about Lee Jun-seok as the bash leader again.

So, it can be not about how to transform the examination program, but if you anxiety that the true Lee Jun-seok will return, then the Yun Seok-yeol administration must do well.

See if the hackers triumph. We had been fantastic.

All you have to do is verify that it was only for Lee Jun-seok to vanish.

Or else, I often arrive back again to judge them.

When I choose, then there is only a single slogan.

I will tell you that I am in this article to get them to retire from politics.

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In the long term, as a politician, you will keep on to be active in any case.

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I’ll feel about it tomorrow early morning.

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Of course. Ok.

Present day People’s Ability Agent Lee Jun-seok listened diligently.

[핫이슈 PLAY] Lee Jun-seok [뉴스데스크] Whole online video of appearance ‥ “When I return, I will retire Yoon Hak-kwan from politics” https://www.youtube.com/view?v=gdbFVl55nOo

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