Lee Jun-seok’s disciplinary review ethics committee begins… Lee Yang-hee Make a rational decision

The Ethics Committee deliberation begins at 7 p.m. on the 7th at the National Assembly.
Lee Yang-hee “Ethics Committee designed by Yoon Hee-kwan? It’s absurd”
“I have to acknowledge the role of this representative who led the presidential and branch elections”
“Reasonable judgment without considering political interests”

People’s Power CEO Lee Jun-seok and Ethics Committee Chairman Lee Yang-hee. / Photo = News 1

The party’s Central Ethics Committee (Chairman Lee Yang-hee, hereafter referred to as the Ethics Committee) began on the 7th to deliberate on disciplinary measures for violations of the duty to maintain dignity due to the suspicion of teachers destroying evidence of sexual abuse by the People’s Power Representative Lee Jun-seok. Attention is focused on whether or not the Ethics Committee will take disciplinary action on this day, as it can cause great chaos in the ruling party in the early days of power, as well as the future political fate of CEO Lee.

On this day, Lee Yang-hee, chairman of the ethics committee, met with reporters at the National Assembly where the ethics committee deliberation was held and said, “There are a lot of absurd remarks these days.” ‘ I think these remarks are very inappropriate,” he said.

Chairman Lee said, “For the first time in constitutional history, a young man in his 30s was elected as the party leader, and also from a conservative party. There are many sayings that high moral standards should be applied because he is the party leader.” We all have to acknowledge our role.”

Chairman Lee said, “The Ethics Committee is not an investigative agency.” “If the power of the people determines the code of ethics and rules that Party members should abide by according to the decision of the investigation agency, then the power of the people is to deny the existence of the Ethics Committee.” did.

“The ethics committee members will rationally trust and judge matters based solely on social common sense and standards without considering any political interests,” he said.

The Ethics Committee will first deliberate and decide whether to discipline former lawmaker Kim Seong-tae, who was convicted on the charge of “improper solicitation of KT recruitment” from 7 p.m. on the same day. CEO Lee is said to be attending the ethics committee at 8:30 pm on the same day. The disciplinary measures that the ethics committee can issue to Lee on this day are expulsion, recommendation to leave the party, suspension of party membership, and warning. Even receiving the lowest level of warning could have a major impact on Lee’s future leadership performance. If it is concluded with severe punishment, it is expected that the power landscape of the ruling party at the beginning of its reign will be shaken.

Hong Min-seong, reporter at Hankyung.com mshong@hankyung.com

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