Lee Jun-seok’s ‘Sexual Compensation Suspicion’ Ethics Committee Convocation Imminent… Pay attention to the level of punishment




The Ethics Committee, which has begun disciplinary action in relation to the allegations of sexual harassment and destruction of evidence by Lee Jun-seok, the representative of People’s Power, is expected to decide whether or not to take disciplinary action soon.

Although President Lee is in the position of ‘honesty’, it seems inevitable that a big wave within the party will be unavoidable depending on the level of disciplinary action.

This is Reporter Bang Joon-hyuk.


What the People’s Strength Ethics Committee is looking into is whether CEO Lee Jun-seok violates his duty to maintain dignity in relation to the suspicion of a teacher destroying evidence of sexual abuse.

Lee Yang-hee, chairman of the ethics committee, who recently returned from an overseas business trip, issued a statement and pointed out that the activities of the ethics committee are severely hindered by inappropriate political actions.

Although there was no direct mention, the interpretation that it was aimed at CEO Lee Jun-seok, who is opposed to the ethics committee disciplinary discussion, weighs on the interpretation.

As Chairman Lee nailed that “the ethics committee will be held in accordance with the party constitution and party rules,” there are speculations that the meeting will be held as early as this week.

The level of disciplinary action by the Ethics Committee is divided into four stages. If a disciplinary action of ‘suspending party membership’ or higher is confirmed, it can directly affect the status of the representative, etc.

CEO Lee is of the view that we cannot accept any result other than ‘not guilty’.

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“If you keep going up and down with this name, I’m the only one in Korea who will suffer.

There is also a war of nerves between Representative Lee and Rep. Ahn Cheol-soo over the recommendation of the top member of the People’s Party.

Rep. Ahn said that he was deeply sorry for not keeping his promise by disclosing the contents of the agreement, and Representative Lee responded that he had to clearly understand the facts and raise an objection.

This is Yonhap News TV, Bang Joon-hyuk. (bang@yna.co.kr)

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