Lee Jung-hyeon, Noh Hong-cheol, find a place to live in the bookstore building for 2 years Holmes


Actor Lee Jung-hyun, who specializes in villains, said, ‘Save me! Holmes goes looking for property.

MBC ‘Save me! In ‘Holmes’ (henceforth ‘Holmes’), a family of three who commute to and from work on Subway Line 7 appears as a client.

The client’s family currently lives in Gongneung-dong, Nowon-gu, Seoul. The woman said she decided to move to reduce the time it takes her to commute to and from work, which takes four hours round trip, and to increase the time she spends spend with her children.

They said that the husband’s workplace and his wife’s workplace, located in Gunja-dong, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, were connected by subway line 7, and Seoul and Gwangmyeong-si were selected as the desirable areas of line 7 which connect each other’s workplaces. I also preferred an apartment with a subway station within a 15 minute walk, and wished there was a park nearby where I could go for a walk. According to the budget, the selling price is 800 to 900 million won, and if the house is good, it can be up to 1 billion won.

Actor Lee Jung-hyun from Team Bok will be skating. Lee Jung-hyun, who said that watching ‘Holmes’ is a hobby, said that he watched every episode from episode 1 to 119, drawing attention. Lee Jung-hyeon admits that he lived in the Haebangchon building, which was operated as a bookstore by Noh Hong-cheol in the past, for two years, and that he is monitoring hard to move to a new house.

Also, he liked the hanok for sale presented in the previous broadcast, so he went to the house and left a note, but unfortunately he was unable to move in, surprising everyone. Best of all, he said he studies feng shui and interior design with ‘Holmes’, and is known to provide high-quality interior information while actually selling products, raising expectations.

Lee Jung-hyun and Jang Dong-min go to Hwayang-dong, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul. It’s a new apartment building completed in 2019 and it’s a 7-minute walk from Konkuk University subway station, so you can enjoy various infrastructure like department stores and big markets.

Lee Jung-hyun, who recently drew attention as a demon corporal in the drama ‘Recruit’, is said to have made Jang Dong-min nervous by realistically showing his anger-inducing acting during a situational duel with Jang Dong-min.

Meanwhile, ‘Save me! Holmes will air on October 2 at 10:45 PM.

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