Lee Kang-in Considered as Possible Solution for Paris Saint-Germain’s Midfield Dilemma

Changes in Paris Saint-Germain Midfield: Lee Kang-in Considered as Solution

By Kang Pil-ju

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) is facing a shift in their midfield dynamics following the departure of Neymar (31) and the return of Kylian Mbappe (25). Reports from France’s ‘Le Quipe’ suggest that PSG is considering the talented midfielder Lee Kang-in (22) from Mallorca as a potential solution. It is believed that Lee Kang-in’s experience as a creative midfielder could be utilized effectively at PSG.

The recent departure of Neymar has left PSG with a void in their midfield, especially in terms of creativity and offensive playmaking. This has led PSG to show interest in Manchester City’s Bernardo Silva (29). However, Silva is reported to have decided to stay at Manchester City after negotiations with manager Pep Guardiola and the club.

In the meantime, the media speculates that if PSG fails to secure additional midfielders, Lee Kang-in might be asked to change his position. Although Lee Kang-in prefers to play as a midfielder, his skills in dribbling, pressure, and passing make him a versatile player who can adapt to different roles.

In the recent Ligue 1 opener against Lorient, Lee Kang-in played as a winger but frequently operated in the center, providing important opportunities for his teammates through quick judgment and precise passes. Experts from ‘The Talk US’ predict that if Lee Kang-in embraces the change in position, it could benefit talented attackers like Usman Dembele, Mbappe, and Gonzalo Higuain.

As PSG continues to navigate through their midfield challenges, the decision to involve Lee Kang-in could prove to be a significant move in reshaping the team’s dynamics and reclaiming their offensive prowess.


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[OSEN=강필주 기자] With the departure of Neymar (31) and the return of Kylian Mbafe (25), changes are also found in the position of Lee Kang-in (22, Paris Saint-Germain).

France’s ‘Le Quipe’ said on the 15th (Korea time), “Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) are considering as a possible solution the Korean talent Lee Kang-in, who played an active role in Mallorca as a midfielder. use that experience to take on the mission of a creative midfielder. There is,” he said.

The reason why PSG can make this decision is that Neymar’s transfer is crucial. PSG, who had already parted with Lionel Messi (36, Inter Miami) this summer, lack a midfielder who can provide creativity to the offensive line by sending Neymar.

This is why PSG have been eyeing Bernardo Silva (29, Manchester City). However, it appears that Silva chose to stay after persuading Manchester City (Man City) manager Pep Guardiola and the club to renew the contract.

The media emphasized, “If PSG cannot recruit or find more midfielders, Lee Kang-in is likely to change his position.”

Midfielder is Lee Kang-in’s preferred position. Although he does not have a large body, Lee Kang-in, who has excellent dribbling and pressure skills, can provide a variety of opportunities through his ball-keeping and passing skills.

Lee Kang-in played as a winger in the Ligue 1 opener against Lorient last time out. From the side, it often seemed to go to the center. Instant judgment and a quick straight pass gave his teammates a critical chance.

The Talk US’PSG’ expected, “If Lee Kang-in accepts the change of position, it can create opportunities for talented attackers, including Usman Dembele, Mbappe, and Gonzalo Hamus, to finish.” /

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