“Lee Kang-in without willingness to renew the contract, owner’s decision is key” Local media

What is Peter Lim’s decision? Local media “Nobody knows what he thinks right now”

▲ Lee Kang-in, no willingness to renew a contract with Valencia
▲ I’m not satisfied with the team’s position and vision
▲”The decision is up to owner Peter Lim”

[골닷컴] Reporter Man-Sung Han = The time for Valencia to make a decision regarding Lee Kang-in (19) is approaching. While Kang-in Lee has not shown Valencia’s willingness to renew the contract, the club is watching the owner of Peter Lim.

The contract between Lee Kang-in and Valencia will end in June 2022. Lee Kang-in still has one year and six months left on his contract with Valencia, but he can’t just leave a player who is considered one of the best prospects in the team without signing a renewal for the club. Currently, the buyout amount for Lee Kang-in set by Valencia is 80 million euros. However, the shorter the remaining contract period with Lee Kang-in, the lower the value of the transfer fee, or he can leave the team for free the next year.

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For this reason, the Valencian local media are putting pressure on the club to sign a renewal contract with Lee Kang-in until the winter transfer market opens on January 1st this year.

However, Lee Kang-in has virtually collapsed his willingness to sign a contract, regretting the situation of the club, whose operation method is unstable due to his irregular participation times and financial difficulties. Accordingly, the local sports media’Valencia Plaza’ reported on the 24th (Korean time), predicting the club’s trend in the transfer market next month, and about the player who will leave the team, “The name that should be addressed clearly is Kang-in Lee. “I am not satisfied with my current situation,” he said.

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‘Valencia Plaza’ said, “The club wanted to sign a renewal contract with Lee Kang-in,” he said. “However, if you look at the current situation, the exact opposite result will come out. Yes, the club is anxious about the idea that players who play an important role in the long-term plan currently set up can receive proposals from other clubs.”

Next,’Valencia Plaza’ said, “However, the idea of ​​the owner of Peter Lim is not known at all. However, even if the existing player leaves, no one believes that the owner of Lim can reinforce his power.”

Meanwhile, Lee Kang-in, who received news that he suffered a minor injury recently, returned to team training on the 24th (Korean time). He has played 10 games at La Liga in Spain this season (6 starting games, 445 minutes total time) and is helping with 3 games.



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