Lee Kwang-soo leaving ‘Running Man’… ‘Special Prisoner Number’ in the last trailer

While the last trailer for Lee Kwang-soo, who was about to get off ‘Running Man’, was released, a touching interpretation of Lee Kwang-soo’s prisoner number in the trailer appeared.

At the end of the SBS entertainment program ‘Running Man’, which was broadcasted on the 6th, the trailer for next week, which will contain the story of Lee Kwang-soo’s departure, was released. The trailer started with Lee Kwang-soo, who was 26 years old 11 years ago, expressing his feelings about joining ‘Running Man’ in the rain, and continued with Lee Kwang-soo, who is now in his 30s, delivering his final goodbyes.

As Lee Kwang-soo delivered his last greeting with a letter he wrote, “I’m really grateful and sorry,” he couldn’t keep up with his emotions, and the members who watched it couldn’t stand the sadness, which made even the viewers cry.

However, after the trailer was released, netizens paid attention to the prison uniform Lee Kwang-soo was wearing, and found the special meaning of the prisoner number ‘3991’ written on the uniform. 3,991 was the number of days counting from July 11, 2010, the first broadcast date of ‘Running Man’, to June 13, 2021, when Lee Kwang-soo got off.

From the first episode to the last episode of ‘Running Man’, the meaningful prisoner number, which contains the time Lee Kwang-soo ran, netizens said, “I cried as soon as I saw the trailer”, “I can’t come back because I’m recovering well”, “Come back anytime if you want to come back”, etc. Lee Kwang-soo’s departure was still regrettable.

On this day’s broadcast, Ji Suk-jin, who won the penalty with Lee Kwang-soo after the race was over, said, “This is like Kwang-soo’s last penalty. Today is the penalty, but somehow I feel good. Because we’re sharing the last penalty with Kwang-soo.” .

Lee Kwang-soo continued rehabilitation treatment for injuries caused by a car accident last year, but it was difficult to maintain the best condition while filming ‘Running Man’, and after a long discussion, he finally decided to leave the program. Lee Kwang-soo’s last ‘Running Man’, which has been running for 11 years, is scheduled to air on the 13th.

(Photo=SBS ‘Running Man’ broadcast screen capture, online community)

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