Lee & Man Defeats Kit Chi 4:1 in Hong Kong Premier League Battle

The Hong Kong Premier League held a match at Tseung Kwan Sports Ground on Saturday, where Lee & Man defeated Kit Chi 4-1. The home team’s standout player was Anja, an Estonian international, who scored two goals. Coach Li Wenen expressed satisfaction with the result, although he believes there is room for improvement. In the final match of the Hong Kong Super League, Kitchee and Lee & Man faced off, with Kitchee winning the championship for the sixth time. Jiezhi, managed by Paul this season, used all six of their foreign players. Lee & Man utilized the “789” combination and secured a victory with goals from Aniya, Chen Jinyi, and Kewaniton. The match had video assistant refereeing. Lee & Man dominantly controlled the second half, leading to their victory. Li Wen’en, the head coach of Lee & Man, expressed satisfaction with the performance of Aniya and Paulichen. The match was attended by 2,108 people, and Aniya was named the best player.

Following the match, the Lee & Man players celebrated with the fans while Li Wen’en applauded their efforts. He mentioned that the team was satisfied with the performance of their new foreign players. Zhu Zhiguang, the head coach of Jiezhi, admitted that the defeat would affect the players’ confidence in the AFC Champions League but downplayed the significance of the loss. He believed that mistakes made by the team were responsible for the defeat. Zhu Zhiguang also mentioned that some players, including Mingasov, were injured and unable to participate. He praised Lee & Man’s offensive capabilities but emphasized the need to improve their defensive performance. When asked about the selection of foreign players, Zhu Zhiguang mentioned injuries to Gasov and some Hong Kong team members after international matches, affecting their availability for the game. He also acknowledged that Onas, a new player, needs more game time to reach his full potential. Jiezhi will be facing Jeonbuk Motors in the AFC Champions League and will travel to South Korea for the match.

[Adroddiad annibynnol yn y cyfryngau]The Hong Kong Premier League staged a battle at the Tseung Kwan Sports Ground on Saturday, Lee & Man defeated Kit Chi 4:1 The home team emerged as the best player with Estonian international Anja scoring twice. The team’s coach Li Wenen expressed that he was satisfied with the result, “Our opponent has always been Jiezhi, which is the favorite for the league championship. I am satisfied with the result. There are some things on the field I think I can do them better.” He added that he was satisfied with the result. Perfect, but the situation “could have been better”.

In the final match of the Hong Kong Super League, Kitchee and Lee & Man held a battle in Tianwangshan. Kitchee fell behind twice and tied twice, winning the Hong Kong Super League championship for the sixth time with a two-point advantage in the round final. league positions. Meeting again this season, Jiezhi is managed by Paul this time. The team has used all six foreign players, including Dandroski, Igorsatoni, Kilton, Onas, and Austrian international Encha who just joined them; Gasov, Kim Shin-woo, Mikel and Charlie Scott who are not on the list. Lee & Man continued to use the “789” combination, namely Paulson, Everton and Aniya, together with Kewaniton’s attack, Huang Wei and Yan Lefeng guarded the midfield.

Everton saved by Paul from 12 yards, Aniya opened the scoring first

This match is the first match of the Hong Kong Super League after the end of the international season, and there is a video assistant referee. In the 9th minute of the first half, Tachibana Ryo made a long pass. Paul rushed to meet Everton who were responding. Witness Liu Huangxi pointed the ball directly to the 12 yard line, which was confirmed after a review by the assistant referee video. Everton’s shot from the left was saved by Paul, Everton’s follow-up shot hit the lintel and Aniya’s follow-up shot missed the target. At the beginning of the first half, there was a misunderstanding between Yu Weilian and Chen Jiahao, Lee & Man head coach Zeng Zhaoda signaled the latter to speak out, and Chen Jiahao spread his hands and said “smack”.

In the 27th minute, Xu Hongjie passed forward this time, Everton turned around on the right and shook Chen Jinyi off Chen Jinyi, hit Dandroski with his left foot and passed into the small penalty area. and Man leading 1:0. In the 42nd minute, Jiezhi’s counterattack worked. Igoshatoni passed to Encha on the left, who passed the ball to the far post from the left. Zulianu Tachibana beat Ryo and scored, making the a 1:1 draw.

Jiezhi chased and lost again after 2 minutes, Everton continued its bravery

However, Jiezhi was only happy for two minutes and in the 44th minute, Everton passed the ball to Chen Jinyi, and Kewaniton passed the ball to Everton with his left foot and hit the far post, giving Lee & Place ahead of 2:1. While representing the Hong Kong team in two consecutive matches, he showed great courage.

After switching sides in the second half, Jiezhi continued to be at a disadvantage, with only occasional offensive attacks, and was “penetrated” by Lee & Man on the right more times. In the 51st minute, Everton, who were in great form, made a pass to Xu Hongjie who walked into the penalty area. The latter was pushed down by Onas, and Liu Huangxi pointed directly at the twelve yards. .The video assistant referee confirmed that there was no offside. While Liu Huangxi was watching, Zhu Zhiguang once wanted to “watch together” from a distance behind him, but the reserve referee asked Yu Jianfeng to leave.

Anya scored twice and shone behind Paulinho “one against four”.

Anya’s shot went into the net, Paul was unable to save this time, and Lee and Man won 3:1. In the 57th minute, Kitsch tried to change the formation, and Luo Zijun came in to replace Onas. Igao Sartoni was later injured, and Jiezhi replaced Pan Peixuan, but the offensive was still weak.

In stoppage time, Lee & Man failed to win enough. Paoliano attacked, came on as a substitute, in the middle, performed a “one on four” solo and pushed past Elio. Chen Junle wanted to use his hands from behind and twists Luo Zijun, Dan Chuoski even “had something to read” and shot past Paul’s Cross. Lee & Man defeated Kitchi 4:1, and many professional players from the reserve bench even rushed out of the stadium to celebrate.

Lee & Man players and fans were in harmony after the match Li Wen’en: Satisfied with Aniya and Paulichen’s performance

A total of 2,108 people attended the match, Aniya became the best player, and the coach of the Hong Kong team, Anderson, was also a guest. After the game, the Lee & Man players thanked the fans and celebrated in harmony. Head coach Li Wenen also appeared on the bench to cheer the players on, and said that the fans were making targeted arrangements based on last season.

When asked if he would add more troops, Li Wen’en pointed out that Li Wen currently only has local games left, but said he was satisfied with the performance of the new foreign aid Aniya and Paulson: “They have given us many elements.”

Zeng Zhaoda said he was grateful for the team’s support, which has led to more changes in the lineup, especially Paulino’s contribution as a substitute. The reporter asked about the “exciting point”. Tsang Chiu-tat said that Lee Man challenged Kit Chi at the beginning of this season, but last season he was defeated by his opponent in the last game: “This wave is very meaningful, because we all want prove we can challenge them.” .”

Suffered a technical blow from Li Wen? Zhu Zhiguang said, “It’s not a big deal.”

Jiezhi head coach Zhu Zhiguang admitted that this defeat will inevitably affect the players’ confidence in the AFC Champions League: “Football games are normal. If you don’t play well, you will lose. In football, you can win or lose.”

“Independent Media” asked Zhu Zhiguang if he had suffered a technical loss from Lee & Man in this match. Zhu Zhiguang said, “It’s not a big deal.” He believed that the team’s mistakes were responsible for the loss, and both numbers could have been avoided: “We all have a chance, and everyone intends to lose. Well, we have three. Each one from the twelve yards so meaningless. Because with VAR, those who foul stupidly can have CCTV.”

After Mingasov’s international match, he was injured and could not wear Zhu Zhiguang’s armor: The league is so long.

However, Zhu Zhiguang believed that Lee & Man performed well and “the offensive power is good” After taking the lead, they even “played back” and emphasized that Jiezhi “will return to good protection”. “Independent Media” asked about the choice of foreign players for this game. Zhu Zhiguang pointed out that Gasov was injured after the international competition, and some members of the Hong Kong team will also be forced to play after the international competition: “Some of them are tired, and some of them can be separated. It’s hard to wait for the game, so we rallied. Football games can be won or lost, and the league comes, and the league is so long.”

“Independent Media” asked if Onas’ performance was different than expected. Zhu Zhiguang believed that this player needs more games and will not play until a long time after the international competition: “He needs games on a first-come, first-served basis. His newcomers have arrived, so. .. There are so many games for him, and the state of the game is not enough.”

In addition, Jiezhi will play in the AFC Champions League against Jeonbuk Motors on Wednesday, and the team will leave for South Korea tomorrow morning. When asked about the list of foreign players, Zhu Zhiguang only said that 7 foreign players will go to South Korea with the team, and one of them will be a reserve: “Minggasov is an Asian player, and Jin Dongjin was injured again two day. ago. Oh, no…Jin Xinyu, I made a mistake, Jin Xinyu was injured again. “Some reporters joked that Jiezhi could also register Jin Dongjin. Zhu Zhiguang said: “Yes, it is Asian aid.”

Reporters: Mai Magao, Zhou Songqian

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