Lee Nak-yeon, self-quarantine for another 2 weeks… “Contact of coronavirus patients on the 19th”


Democratic Party leader Lee Nak-yeon gives a greeting at the inauguration ceremony of the Saemangeum Green New Deal Special Committee held in the party’s meeting room in Yeouido, Seoul on the 19th. Representative Lee said that he had a dinner in downtown Seoul that day and contacted a confirmed person at the time. Reporter Oh Jong-taek

Together with Lee Nak-yeon, the Democratic Party’s representative went into self-quarantine until the 3rd of next month after contacting with a confirmed corona 19 (new coronavirus infection).

On the afternoon of the 22nd, Lee said on his Facebook page, “I’m sorry to hear from you.”

“I attended a meeting in Jongno-gu, Seoul on the evening of the 19th, because one other participant was tested positive for Corona 19 on the afternoon of the 21st.” I wrote. “The public health center conducted an epidemiological investigation on the afternoon of the 22nd and informed me of self-isolation at 5:50,” he explained.

Representative Lee was absent from the high-ranking party, government, and government council held at the Prime Minister’s Consulate in Samcheong-dong, Seoul on the evening of the start of self-isolation. Representative Lee said, “As soon as I recognized that the attendees were confirmed with Corona 19 yesterday (21st), they were voluntarily tested,” and said, “We will make every effort to ensure that there is no disruption in the operation of the party through non-face-to-face work.”

This is the fifth time that CEO Lee has been tested for Corona 19. In February (first time) and August (two times), on September 1, after contacting Lee Jong-bae, Chairman of the People’s Power Policy Committee, two days later, Lee was classified as a confirmed case, and he was waiting at home for corona testing. All results were negative.

Lee Nak-yeon, Democratic Party representative Facebook capture

Lee Nak-yeon, Democratic Party representative Facebook capture

In mid-August, when the Democratic Party’s August 29th National Convention was held, it went into self-isolation for two weeks. Representative Lee was not able to participate in the convention on August 29th, and he also made an online speech to accept the election. Representative Lee said, “This is the second two weeks of quarantine.”

While the legislative issues of the regular National Assembly are scattered, the Democratic Party has voiced concerns. Previously, Lee selected 15 legislative issues, including the amendment to the Ministry of Public Affairs (Senior Public Officials Crime Investigation Office) Act, as a’future legislative task’ and proceeded with regular parliamentary treatment.

Reporter Kim Hyo-seong [email protected]


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