Lee Sang-bo, after claiming drug innocence, finds 母 and says, “I will endure and overcome”

picture explanationSangbo Lee. Photo ㅣ Star Today DB

Actor Lee Sang-bo shared his recent status after claiming drug innocence.

On the 18th, Lee Sang-bo posted a photo of finding his mother’s grave on Instagram and wrote, “I should have come a little earlier, but I came back too far.”

Lee Sang-bo was arrested on the 10th, Chuseok day, on suspicion of drug use and was investigated by the police.

He admitted, “The things I was suffering from in my life, I wouldn’t have been able to close my eyes comfortably with my son. I thought he would be in pain there too, so I didn’t have courage easily.” he admitted, “I will persevere and overcome.

It will be difficult to recover everything, but I will come back soon with the result that it is not. I’m sorry, I miss you, and I love you.”

Lee Sang-bo was pointed out as a ‘drug actor in his 40s,’ and when reports about his real name continued, “My father died in 2009 and my sister and mother also died in an accident. The reason why the test came came out positive due to the small amount of narcotic ingredients in the antidepressant.

In a phone call with Maeil Business Star Today, he said, “Although various tests conducted at Hanyang University Hospital came out negative, I was detained at the police station for several hours and then released.” He also claimed that the tablets seized from his home by the police were a sedative he had been taking.

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