Lee Sang-byeok postponed indictment on sexual harassment charges… “They say they’re drunk” vs. “Lies”

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While broadcaster Lee Sang-byeok (75) claimed that “the victim was drunk and pushed forward first,” the victim’s side refuted that it was a “lie”.

According to SBS, on the 25th of last month, the Seosan branch of the Daejeon District Prosecutor’s Office suspended the prosecution of Lee Sang-byeok, who was sent on charges of indecent assault.

Lee Sang-byeok was charged with indecent assault in September, including touching the body of a woman in her 40s several times while drinking alcohol at a restaurant on August 29th. Prosecutors did not prosecute, saying, “The crime is not light, but he admitted to all the charges, repented of his mistakes, and reached an agreement with the victim.”

When this fact became known, Lee Sang-byeok told a media outlet, “If this is famous, then it is famous. He denied the allegation of indecent assault, saying, “What would an elderly or older person do?”

“I was having lunch with an acquaintance who was supposed to officiate at the wedding, and someone came in claiming to be a female employee. I drank a couple of beers in the middle of the day. But, no matter where this woman drank, she got drunk. After that, they continue to ‘push’, like saying let’s do love shots. In such a system, going around and doing that is normal (a person who acts). Being a well-known person, so to speak, (me) became a target.”

In a telephone interview with Maeil Business Daily Star Today, Lee Sang-byeok said, “It is regrettable. “It doesn’t make sense to go out to eat in broad daylight and be harassed in public. I have never been molested by force,” he repeated.

However, victim A’s side told SBS, “Lee Sang-byeok’s interview was a lie.” “That day, Mr. A went to the restaurant without drinking, let alone drunk. I wasn’t even in a position to sit right next to Lee Sang-byeok, but when the party next to me went out, he I set it up again and sat next to it. There’s absolutely no reason to do a black skin first.”

“It is absurd that Mr. Having said that he apologized to Mr. Lee Sang-byeok. You are a victim and there is evidence, so why would you apologize? There was a time when one of his acquaintances said ‘I’m sorry’ via text message. On the other hand, Lee Sang-byeok never apologized,” he stressed, “don’t lie and reflect on yourself even now.”

Lee Sang-byeok is a broadcaster turned reporter who has hosted ‘TV Carrying Love’ and ‘Morning Yard’ from KBS.

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