Lee Sang-min, debt settlement after 17 years “Starting a new life between this fall and winter” (‘Miu Bird’)

Photo = SBS ‘My Old Boy’

[스포츠한국 김두연 기자]

Broadcaster Lee Sang-min announced that he would pay off all his debts within this year.

On SBS’s ‘My Little Old Boy’, broadcast on the 19th, the story of Lee Sang-min and Kim Jun-ho, who met Tak Jae-hoon in Jeju Island, was told.

On this day, Lee Sang-min sighed, saying, “I had a hard time, to be honest.”

He said, “This fall? Between fall and winter? Lee Sang-min’s new life begins.”

Lee Sang-min, who said he has paid off his debts for 17 years, said he came to Jeju Island to find a house to live in after paying off all his debts.

MC Seo Jang-hoon explained Lee Sang-min’s current situation, saying, “I went through a lot of hardships and had a lot of twists and turns in the middle. I had a lot of trouble because something that I hadn’t suddenly came.” up.” he did.