Lee Sang-min’s House Undergoes a Transformation on ‘My Little Old Boy’ with the Help of Cleaning Expert Lee Ji-young

SBS’s ‘My Little Old Boy’ Reveals Lee Sang-min’s Transformed House

On the latest episode of SBS’s ‘My Little Old Boy’, viewers were introduced to Lee Sang-min’s newly transformed house, thanks to renowned space creator Lee Ji-young, also known as the ‘cleaning king’.

As soon as comedian Kim Jun-ho entered Lee Sang-min’s house, which he had recently moved into, he was shocked to discover a state of disarray beyond imagination. The entrance was filled with bags, the shoe room was stacked floor to ceiling with shoes, and the kitchen lacked even a place to cook. Kim Jun-ho humorously commented, “It’s worse than our house.”

However, expert declutterer Ji-young Lee wasted no time in transforming the house. After thoroughly surveying every corner, she determined that Lee Sang-min couldn’t possibly be the owner of such chaos and began implementing her effective organization solutions.

The anticipation of the show’s viewers, including Lee Sang-min’s mother Bengers, grew as they eagerly awaited the house’s remarkable transformation. This particular episode promised to showcase one of the most challenging cases yet.

Meanwhile, while sorting through his bags, Lee Sang-min stumbled upon an old camera and found a picture of a mysterious woman. The discovery turned his world upside down. When Kim Jun-ho inquired about her identity, Lee Sang-min hesitated before confessing, “She was the last person I dated.” He expressed his regret over losing someone who had supported him financially during difficult times.

The studio atmosphere grew tense when Kim Jun-ho confirmed that the rumored person actually resembled popular actress Kim Hee-sun. Lee Sang-min couldn’t help but feel a bittersweet longing for his ex-girlfriend, whom he hadn’t seen in a long time, touching the hearts of the audience.

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Reporter Yoon Sang-geun | 2023.08.13 08:21

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In ‘My Little Old Boy’, Lee Sang-min’s last daughter is revealed.

On SBS ‘My Little Old Boy’, which airs on the 13th, Lee Sang-min’s house, which has been transformed thanks to the appearance of space creator Lee Ji-young, also known as the ‘cleaning king’ , is a revelation.

Kim Jun-ho, who visited the house of Lee Sang-min, who recently moved, was shocked by the state of the house beyond imagination as soon as he entered the front door. Starting with the entrance filled with bags, seeing a shoe room full of shoes up to the ceiling, and a kitchen without even a place to cook. At the serious condition of the house, Kim Jun-ho said, “It’s worse than our house.”

In response, Ji-Young Lee, an expert in decluttering, seemed to transform the house through a quick decluttering. An expert who scans every corner of the house gave a cold evaluation, saying, “Lee Sang-min is not the owner of this house,” and then proceeded with a full-time solution.

“I’m really looking forward to how it will change,” said mother Bengers, who showed brighter eyes than ever. It raises questions about how Sangmin’s house, said to be of the greatest difficulty, will transform.

Meanwhile, Lee Sang-min found a picture of a strange woman in an old camera that he accidentally found while organizing his bags, and the scene turned upside down. When Kim Jun-ho asked who he was, Lee Sang-min was taken aback and admitted, “He was the last person I dated.” Lee Sang-min recalled that he regretted that his ex-boyfriend, who had borrowed money and bought courses during difficult times, was no longer around.

According to the rumor, the studio was upset when Kim Jun-ho, who confirmed the reality of the rumored person, said, “He looks like Kim Hee-sun.” Lee Sang-min also fell into a vague longing for his ex-girlfriend whom he had not seen for a long time and touched everyone’s hearts.

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