Lee Seok-jun Heungshinso merchant ship is a ‘Gwonseon-gu office official’… one-party arrest indictment

Seok-Jun Lee. Reporter Park Jong-minIt has been confirmed that the Heungshinso merchant ship who provided personal information to Lee Seok-jun (25), who killed the family of a woman who was under protection, was a civil servant at the Gwonseon-gu Office in Suwon. Prosecutors jointly investigated with the police and arrested all six people, including public servants of the ward office and business owners, and handed over three of them to trial.

On the 10th, the Seoul Eastern District Prosecutor’s Office’s Cybercrime Criminal Division (Chief Prosecutor Lee Seong-beom) met with Gwonseon-gu Office Official A (40), who is accused of violating the Personal Information Protection Act and Special Price Act (bribery), and B (37), a Heungshin Agency contractor, who is accused of offering bribes. It said that employee C (37) was arrested and charged. In addition, three other Heungshinso officials are under investigation.

Person A is accused of illegally inquiring 1,101 cases of personal information for about two years from January 2020 and providing it to an entertainment business operator, and receiving 39.54 million won in bribes in return. Person A inquired personal information using the ‘secondary inquiry right’ used when the ward office imposes a road occupancy fine, and provided it to the entertainment business operators that he knew through the ‘high-paid part-time recruitment’ advertisement on Telegram. In return, he received 200,000 to 300,000 won per month.

As a result of the prosecution’s investigation, the Gwonseon-gu office to which Mr. A belongs did not have an internal control system in place to prevent abuse of the primary inquiry right.

Previously, the prosecution found out the address of his ex-wife through an agent at the Heungshin Agency, and then went to his ex-wife’s house with a stun gun and threatened him. Prosecutors investigated the woman’s crimes and confirmed the charges that Mr. A illegally inquired and leaked the personal information of the victim of Lee Seok-jun’s murder case, and jointly arrested an entertainment company with the Songpa Police Station in Seoul.

According to the prosecution, the personal information that Mr. A had illegally inquired was leaked to Lee Seok-jun in four steps. Person A → Heungsinso 1 → Heungsinso 2 → Heungsinso 3 → Lee Seok-jun. Among them, Mr. B is a contractor of Heungsinso 3, and Mr. C is an employee of Heungsinso 1. During the information delivery process, it was investigated that Lee Seok-jun handed 500,000 won to Heungsinso 3, Heungshinso 3 gave 130,000 won to Heungsinso 2, Heungsinso 2 gave 100,000 won to Heungsinso 1, and Heungsinso 1 gave 20,000 won to A.

In addition, it was found that the business operators have been avoiding the pursuit of the investigation agency by using cannon phones and telegram to anonymously transact personal information or brokering other entertainment companies, and receiving the payment to the cannon bankbook.

An official from the prosecution said, “We will work closely with the police to take strict measures against crimes that seriously harm the public, such as the crime of leaking personal information.”


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