Lee Seung-gi, fake target No. 1 “I like the impression… I feel that a big performance will happen”

Reporter Maara from Today’s Money | 2023.05.31 07:04

/Photo = SBS ‘Strong Heart League’ broadcast screen

Heresy expert ‘Strong Heart League’ Kang-rim chose Kim Lee Seung-gi as a false target. On the SBS entertainment program ‘Strong Heart League’, broadcast on the 30th, Kim Kang-rim, who withdrew from the pseudo-religion and is currently working as a counselor for pseudo-victims, appeared.

Kim Kang-rim said, “There are about 2 million pseudo-believers in 2023.”

When MC Kang Ho-dong asked, “Is there anyone here who could be a target?” Kim Kang-rim said, “If you just look at the story, Lee Seung-gi and Lee Hyo-jung,” everyone was upset. Lee Seung-gi shouted, “You don’t know me well.”

Kim Kang-lim said, “The main target of the religion I was involved in is young people. Even now, about 2,000 people a month and 20,000 people a year are inflowing. “Lee Hyo-jung made nervous . Pseudo-religious people are also active in blind dating apps.

Regarding Lee Seung-gi’s targeting, Kim Kang-rim said, “If you put him in a pseudo-style, he makes a good impression. There is no depression and he seems to have energy. He looks well. It seems there will be. a big performance.”

Kim Kang-rim announced the seriousness, saying, “In order not to fall into pseudoscience, we need response training. If my family falls in, it’s a disaster. I need an attitude to find out.” Next, Kim Kang-rim boasted, “Our counseling center is good at counseling. All counselors come from pseudoscience backgrounds.” Ji Suk-jin said, “From that religion, it’s Satan,” and made everyone laugh.

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