Lee Si-young “I didn’t want to burden myself as a family member, but for the first time since my debut…” What happened?

Photo = Captured from Lee Si-young’s Instagram

Actor Lee Si-young posted a meaningful (?) promotional article.

On the 6th, Lee Si-young posted on Instagram, “Hello. This is Siyoung Lee. I didn’t want to burden you with family affairs. I am posting this for the first time since my debut.”

Lee Si-young said, “I am the first of nine siblings and I have been fighting fiercely with my younger brothers. Like all brothers, among them there are younger brothers who are good listeners, there are younger brothers who are abroad, there are younger brothers who live their lives on their own, and there are younger brothers who can’t contact each other,” he said. I’ve been trying not to burden you.. My brother, who is a mountaineer, said that he has also opened a YouTube channel and created an Instagram account this time. If you’re the older sister, please do full publicity. Also, if you are human, the first and last brother You are using a reckless swarm to ask for help. This time, Seil is also doing an advertisement, so it seems that he is more focused.”

He continued, “My ugly little brother is small, but if I can be of strength, I want to help. I’m not good at anything, but I’m risking my life to try hard this time, so please support me too. please follow me Please close your eyes and like and subscribe. It’s not enough, but please look pretty. Thank you!!” he said.

Meanwhile, Lee Si-young married a businessman 9 years older than her in 2017, and they have one son.

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