Lee So-ra’s stitched face revealed “My nose is gone” → ♥ Choi Dong-hwan “It’s my nose” affectionate

Lee So-ra’s stitched face revealed “My nose is gone” → ♥ Choi Dong-hwan “It’s my nose” affectionate

2022-10-04 12:55:35


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‘Doll Singles 3’ cast

While Sora Lee suffered an injury to her face, she confirmed her sweet heart with Donghwan Choi.

Sora Lee opened her mouth on October 4th through her SNS, “I’m sorry for bothering you, thank you everyone.” He continued, “I’m always grateful to my oppa who says everything is pretty, and I love you the most.”

In the photo released together, Choi Dong-hwan and Lee So-ra chatted. Choi Dong-hwan comforted Lee So-ra by saying, “Don’t worry too much. You’re still the most beautiful.”

When Sora Lee sent a picture of her injured face and said, “Even if the bridge of the nose and the aegyo are gone,” Donghwan Choi showed affection by saying, “It’s pretty, it’s mine,” by add warmth.

Earlier, Sora Lee announced the injury, saying, “I fell on my face … bleeding, bruised and riot.”

Afterwards, Sora Lee said, “I went to the emergency room and the plastic surgeon sewed it up. I had a small cut and I asked to remove the broken bone and look, but I can’t see it. I took a picture and showed that. it is.”

Meanwhile, Lee So-ra appeared on MBN and ENA’s ‘Dol Singles 3’ and formed a relationship with male performer Choi Dong-hwan. In particular, Choi Dong-hwan revealed that love came true after confessing three times.

The two plan to reveal their love story through ‘Doll Singles 3 Gaiden’, which is to be broadcast in October.

Donghwan Choi is a semiconductor researcher at S Electronics. He has no children. Sora Lee is a yoga instructor. He has three daughters, but he does not raise them.

(Photo=Sora Lee SNS)

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