‘Lee Soo-geun ♥’ Park Ji-yeon, what’s going on… “Life is alone, pessimism and depression don’t help” – SPOTVNEWS

▲ SourceㅣPark Jiyeon SNS

[스포티비뉴스=정유진 기자] Comedian Lee Soo-geun’s wife Park Ji-yeon posted a meaningful SNS post.

Park Ji-yeon left on her Instagram story on the 9th, “Life is alone.” He continued, “When I was a little younger than now, I used to hold people around me on days like this and be pessimistic and depressed about my pain. Knowing that life is lonely, it’s tiring. Tired. Everyone’s own is the most precious thing. On days like this, you have to keep your phone away. Please understand.”

In the released photo, a person is holding a gorilla character. It is unknown whether the person in question is Park Ji-yeon or his son.

However, he suddenly left the words “Life is alone”, raising curiosity. Netizens are worried about why he wrote these posts.

Park Ji-yeon married Lee Soo-geun, 12 years older than her, in 2008. They have two sons together.


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