Lee Su-geun’s shamanic mother quotes I lived with my father because of my mother’s job; Ask me anything

ask me anything

‘Ask Bodhisattva’ Lee Soo-geun talked about his shamanic mother. In Joy’s KBS entertainment program ‘Ask Anything’, which aired on the 17th, a mother in her 40s and her 18-year-old daughter appeared as clients.
Lee Soo-geun greeted the client who introduced himself as a shaman that day, saying, “You are a fortune teller, serving God.” Then, the 18-year-old girl chases after her, saying, “My mother is obsessed with me.” It seems I have CCTV installed.”
Lee Su-geun, who was listening to her daughter who referred to her mother as a shaman, corrected her by saying, “Call me a shaman,” and asked her daughter, “How was it when your mother became a shaman? ” thought I should accept it instead of saying it.” Next, Lee Soo-geun praised his daughter for being proud and admitted, “I broke up with my mother early because of my mother’s job, but I missed her so much and it was hard.”
Ten Asia Reporter Shin Ji-won

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