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Lee Sung-kyung in Kim Jong-guk’s “Raise your head” “I know what it means and I don’t use it”

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picture explanationLee Sung-kyung revealed the reason why he does not use the expression ‘raise the head’ in golf slang. Photo|JTBC broadcast screen capture

It was argued that the expression ‘raise the head’, which is used when going to the golf course for the first time, is inappropriate. Actor Lee Sung-kyung explains why he doesn’t use the expression “raise his head”.

Kim Jong-guk, who appeared on JTBC’s ‘Member Recruitment – Ceremony Club (hereafter Celebration Club)’, which was broadcast on the 15th, said, “The first time you raise your hair, the people you go with should tell them well.”

Lee Sung-kyung said, “After I know the meaning of the expression, I don’t use that word.” He said, “In the old days, people who were parasites said that raising their hair was the expression of raising their hair for the first time.”

Kim Jong-guk said, “I thought putting the ball on the tee meant raising the head.” Lee Seong-kyung explained, “When someone says that they raise their hair for the first time, they say, ‘It’s the first time I’ve been green’.” Kim Jong-kook added, “I hope more good words come out.”

According to the standard Korean dictionary, the expression of raising one’s hair means ‘a woman is getting married’ or ‘a young gisaeng officially becomes a gisaeng and loses his hair’.

After the broadcast, the online community showed a reaction that sympathized with Lee Sung-kyung’s words, such as “expression of rejection”, “I didn’t know what that meant” and “I wish I could change it in the future.” On the other hand, some netizens also commented, “Isn’t it too sensitive?”

Meanwhile, ‘Celebrity Club’ is a golf talk show that invites guests from various fields to talk while playing golf outdoors, and is broadcast every Wednesday at 10:30 pm.

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