Lee Yeon-bok doesn’t seem to be doing well with his pupil Jung Ji-seon. [당나귀 귀]

[마이데일리 = 양유진 기자] What is the reason why chef Jeong Ji-seon from ‘The boss’s ears are aslon ears’ felt bad for Master Lee Yeon-bok?

On the 29th, on the KBS 2TV program ‘Donkey’s ears are the boss’s ears’, a meeting will be held between the godfather of Chinese food Lee Yeon-bok and apprentice chef Jeong Ji-seon.

Jeong Ji-seon led the kitchen cleaning methodically, telling the staff, “You must pay 10 times the usual care” before Lee Yeon-bok, the master’s wife, visited the shop.

Lee Yeon-bok, who was visiting the apprentice’s shop, broke into the kitchen to check on him unexpectedly, and when the worker said, “It is not hard,” he said, “I am free to see that it is right,” and showed the Mr. the craziness of the original boss on a different level, causing laughter.

Unlike Jeong Ji-seon, who always showed a charismatic overall power, in front of Lee Yeon-bok, he became a light sheep and even tools with an eye smile, showing a reversal of disturbance in every movement of the master, by surprised the cast.

In the midst of this, Lee Yeon-bok increases interest in this broadcast by saying that she feels sorry for Ji-seon Jeong, who was very nervous, saying, “You don’t seem to be doing well ,” but he said, “Then you have no life of your own.”

On the other hand, Lee Yeon-bok praised Jung Ji-seon as the best among his students, saying, “I think you are the best in the Chinese food industry.” However, Jeong Ji-seon admits that he regrets Lee Yeon-bok, his master, adding to the curiosity about what will be.

The meeting between Lee Yeon-bok and Jung Ji-sun, which will show their heartfelt Chinese priest chemistry, will be revealed on the KBS 2TV program ‘The boss’s ears are donkey ears’ at 4:50pm on the 29th.

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