Lee Yeon-bok, the guest boss for the 200th episode of ‘Donkey’s Ear’, “I thought the program would fail soon”

Chef Lee Yeon-bok, the first boss, appeared.iMBC Entertainment News PhotoiMBC Entertainment News PhotoiMBC Entertainment News Photo
On the 26th broadcast of the KBS 2TV program ‘The ears of a donkey are the ears of the boss’, the 200th episode was illustrated.

The 200th episode since the first broadcast on April 28, 2019, ‘The boss’s ears are the ears of a donkey’. On this day, the MC introduced Chef Lee Yeon-bok, saying, “We have invited the first boss who made a great contribution to the 200th episode.”

Jeon Hyun-moo said, “It wasn’t a narrow job, but there were also many good things,” and Kim Sook surprised everyone by saying, “Director Kim Moon-jung was promoted to the Prime Minister’s Award in Popular Culture and the Arts Awards, Kim Ki-tae as the best instructor, and Kim Hyeong-rae as the department head.”

Chef Lee Yeon-bok said, “I didn’t know this program would last this long, but I knew it would go bankrupt.” Then he said, “She is already in the 200th chapter. I will be cheerful for you to go up to the 400th chapter because of your love.”

iMBC Cha Hye-rin | Photo courtesy of KBS 2TV

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