Lee Yong-nyeo “Yoo Jae-seok, help a lot in the fire at the abandoned dog shelter” (‘Perfect Life’)

Actor Lee Yong-nyeo expressed her gratitude to Yoo Jae-suk.

Lee Yong-nyeo appeared as a guest on TV Chosun’s current affairs program ‘Perfect Life’, which was broadcast on the 4th.

On this day, Yong-nyeo Lee was revealed to have woken up from sleeping with puppies at a dog house, drawing attention. After the house burned down due to the topic, he was living with the dogs. Lee Yong-nyeo calmly explained, “Even when I was at home, I slept with them.”

In February, Lee Yong-nyeo lost her 8 abandoned dogs and their home due to a fire at her shelter for abandoned dogs. Lee Yong-nyeo called Lil Boy, who had previously appeared on JTBC’s ‘Hip-Hop Nation’, and said, “He helped me when my house was on fire.

I was surprised” and said, “Thank you.” Also, at the time, chefs Oh Hyun-kyung, Kim Mi-kyung, and Lee Yeon-bok helped, and especially Yoo Jae-suk helped a lot. Lee Yong-nyeo said, “Yoo Jae-seok helped the most. There is no special relationship, but I was surprised to see the bankbook three days after the fire broke out.” He said, “Thank you.”

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photo| TV Chosun broadcast screen capture

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