Lee’s apology for the country’s situation… Yoon Seok-yeol “Apologizes for Wen” Chu Mi-ae is furious with Lee

Former Honorary Election Chairman
“You trample on human dignity,” a direct hit at Lee… Lee posted on Facebook “The danger of the dictatorship of the prosecution”
Noo “Lee said that she was hunted by a witch in her homeland… It’s like a candidate who will do anything to get the ticket.”

The aftermath continues over Democratic Party presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung’s apology for the so-called ‘motherland situation’. People’s Power Presidential Candidate Yoon Seok-yeol expanded the front line on the 3rd, saying, “Not only Lee, but also all the current ruling powers, including President Moon Jae-in, should apologize to the people.”

Even in the passport, former Justice Minister Choo Mi-ae shot down Lee, saying, “An apology to the motherland is trampling on human dignity.”

○ 尹 “The entire Democratic Party should get down and ask for forgiveness”

On the same day, Candidate Yoon criticized Candidate Lee’s statement on Facebook the day before, saying, “I sincerely apologize with a very low attitude to the extent that I can.” He said, “Where is the country situation where Lee can apologize and move on alone? He added, “With less than 100 days left before the presidential election, what the ruling party presidential candidate’s dry apology means is that he may bow his head temporarily to get votes. If you feel it, persuade President Moon to apologize in front of the people even now, and get the entire Democratic Party to bow down and ask for forgiveness,” he said. Won Hee-ryong, head of the general policy department of the People’s Power Election Response Committee, also attacked Lee, saying, “It’s like a candidate who does anything to get a ticket.” Director Won said on Facebook on the same day, “It is questionable whether the memory of Candidate Lee himself shouting to protect the country, which is ‘close to a witch hunt at the height of irrationality’ and ‘external minister Cho was subjected to selective justice,’ was selectively forgotten.” In order to show the sincerity of the apology even at least, the order would be to organize the Homeland Guards, which were placed closest to them,” he wrote.

○ Lee hastily ‘prosecution reform’ in response to the opposition of Chu Mi-ae

In addition, former Minister of Foreign Affairs Chu also attacked Lee directly, saying, “The presidential candidate also followed public opinion and repeatedly apologized for his country.” Former Minister Choo said on Facebook the night before, “Without media reform, the media framed the country as a synonym for injustice, and the public, lacking detailed information, came to believe that.” Say no and apologize. An apology to the motherland is trampling on human dignity.”

Candidate Lee also appeared embarrassed when even former Minister Choo joined the procession of criticism surrounding Candidate Lee’s apology for the country’s situation. Former Minister Choo serves as the honorary election chairman of the Democratic Party. A key Democratic Party official said, “The purpose is to make a clear apology for the mistakes of former Minister Cho in order to overcome the Democratic Party’s weaknesses such as ‘Neambul’. A critical position.”

Candidate Lee also wrote on Facebook on the same day, “There are already more than 10 prosecutors in Candidate Yun’s camp.” “The dictatorship of the prosecution is as dangerous as a military dictatorship.” He also wrote, “The prosecution is making crimes that do not exist, and is exercising selective justice while covering up the crimes that exist. A passport official said, “When differences within the party about the apology of the fatherland situation are publicly expressed, it is interpreted as a message to turn arrows toward candidate Yoon and the prosecution.”

Reporter Dong-jun Heo
Reporter Dabin Yoon

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