Lee’s Arrest Consent Votes D-2… Justice Party “vote based on ‘denial of non-arrest privilege’”

Justice Party representative Lee Jung-mi speaking at the Trade Executive Committee meeting held at the National Assembly in Yeouido, Seoul on the morning of the 13th. 2023.2.13 News 1

The Justice Party sent a text message to party members on the 25th, two days before the vote on the motion to arrest Lee Jae-myung and the Democratic Party of Korea, saying, “Our party lawmakers plan to vote based on the theory of the in favor of that. ‘the privilege of not arresting members of the National Assembly should be abolished'” and sent a text message saying, reaffirmed

According to the Justice Party, CEO Lee Jeong-mi sent a text message to party members that day with content such as “Approving the arrest motion is not the same as approving Lee’s arrest.”

Representative Lee told the party members, “In this regard, I have heard many words saying, ‘How can I believe in Prosecutor Yoon Seok-yeol’s investigation and agree to arrest Lee? Approval of the motion to arrest does not necessarily mean approval of Lee’s arrest.”

He also emphasized, “The arrest motion is a request by the court to allow the court to decide whether the arrest investigation will be conducted by legislators in session, just like ordinary citizens.”

He added, “The process of handling the motion to arrest by the National Assembly is not about determining whether a crime has occurred. The reason for this is that the National Assembly is not the judiciary,” he said. investigations by investigative agencies.”

In addition, he said, “Even if a member of the Justice Party is in the same position as Representative Lee, he will judge the same.” ” he added.

(Seoul = News 1)


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