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Developed by Falcom and published by Cloud Leopard Entertainment, The Legend of Heroes: The Trail of Li will be available for download on the PlayStation Store from today.

The “Legend of Heroes Li’s Trails Experience Edition” can be played for more than ten hours in total, including “Prologue” ~ “First Chapter”, side events and commissions. In addition, the saved data created when playing the trial version can also be used in the full version of “The Legend of Heroes Li: Trails”. As long as you inherit the saved data, you can continue to play the story after Chapter 2.

In addition, until April 26, 2022, 23:59, the trial version will come with Fan’s special costume “4spg UNITED·Fan”, Fili’s special costume “4spg UNITED·Fili”, and decorative props “Xipha Chassis” for a limited time. ‧40th Anniversary” 3 additional DLCs.

At the same time, in order to commemorate the launch of this work in Asia, the special costume “4spg UNITED‧Asia” will be available from 00:00 on February 10, 2022 to 23:59 (local time) on April 26, 2022. Nies” and Aaron’s special costume “4spg UNITED·Aaron” are two additional DLCs available for players to download for free for a limited time.

4spg UNITED・Van4spg UNITED・Fei4spg UNITED・Agnes4spg UNITED・Aaron

XiphaCoverー・40th Anniversary

In conjunction with the release of the experience version, Japan’s Falcom President Kondo Jiyo and Yunleopard Entertainment Ms. Chen Yunyun once again accepted a joint interview with the Chinese media, and then talked about various things about “Legend of Li”.

Q: The titles of each work in the “Track” series generally have their own meaning, so what does the “Li” in “Track of Li” stand for?

A: Because the trajectory series has reached the second half, the mysteries accumulated in the story will be solved one by one, so it will be the meaning of dawn before darkness.

Q: It has been 3 months since “Legend of Li” was launched in Japan. Compared with the time of the last interview, the reactions, feelings and opinions of Japanese players to this new opening of the Republic chapter should also come to an end. I don’t know if there is anything in this section that you particularly want to share with Asian players who are still looking forward to the game’s launch?and for<黎之軌跡>Are you satisfied with your current performance?

A: This time, there are big changes in both the gameplay and the stage. On the one hand, there are expectations for more possibilities in the future. On the other hand, there are also old players who feel overwhelmed by these changes. In the future, they will be more cautious about the entire system. design.

This time, “Trail of Li” is not only in the “Track” series, it can even be said that a lot of new attempts have been made in the field of JRPG, so I hope players who are interested in RPG can come and try it. In addition, the stage of the Republic has Integrate more oriental elements, so it will make players feel more intimate.


Q: As the “Second Half of the Locus Series”, after the perspective shifted to the Republic of Calvad, the style of the story and the shaping of the characters, what are the notable changes to the previous works in the series? For new players, can they quickly integrate into the huge worldview constructed by many previous games?

A: The biggest difference is that compared to republics and empires, they are both kingship systems. However, this time it is a democratic country. This setting will also be reflected on the partners in the game, including their costumes, which are quite diverse. Old players can find this time The stage incorporates many elements. I think this time will be a good opportunity for new players to come in, because almost all of them are brand new characters and stages, so the starting points of new players and old players are more consistent.


Q: Did the production team of the new engine used by Li Zhizhi have any experience in using it and did it achieve the expected graphics effects? Compared with the previous engine, what are the advantages?
A: This new engine is not yet complete. Compared with the previous trajectory, the graphics should be greatly enhanced. However, due to the limited development period, only a passing score can be obtained this time. There is still a lot of room for improvement in the future. Originally, the development environment of Ys and the trajectory are very different, so the development team has to re-learn when scheduling each other, and the biggest advantage of this engine is that it can be shared, so that there will be no waste of learning time.

Q: Will the process design of “Legend of Li” be more template-like in structure like Flash Track, or will it have some new structure trends like “Track of Creation”?
A: Because in the story of “Legend of Lai”, the protagonist is running a master house in the capital. At the beginning, he will solve the large and small cases in the capital, and then he will go to various places to solve the incident. The whole process design is indeed closer to the past. The flow of the track, unlike “The Track of Creation”, is a relatively novel design.

Q: Can you talk about the design ideas of the combat system?
A: In the past, there have always been responses that the battle was too slow, so it has become what it is now. I hope players will not feel that the battle process is too long. However, after the release, we also received some opinions from Japanese players, so we will revise it better and reflect it on “Trails of Li 2”.

TC_Dune Field Battle

Q: use<即時戰鬥>will follow<伊蘇>Conflict with one of the series’ features?
A: Don’t worry, some fans in Japan who like traditional RPGs are not very good at action games. We have always taken this to heart, so we will not move the battle system of Ys full action to the track. We only make it more refreshing Part of the feeling is put into the trajectory to improve the shortcomings of the long battle time.

Q: Will the turn-based system be gradually abandoned in the future? And why did you choose Li Track instead of the Flash Track Four?<創軌>to make changes?
A: At present, there is no consideration of completely abandoning the turn-based system. After playing it, players will find that it is definitely not only action-oriented or command-oriented. “Trails of Creation” and “Trails of Li” were basically developed at the same time, but “Trails of Creation” is mainly the end of the “Trails of Cold Steel” series, so we hope to use the system of “Trails of Shine” in “Trails of Creation”. Trajectories” for a summary.

Q: Compared with the riding gods of “Trails of Cold Steel” and “Trails of Li”, “Transformation” was introduced. Are there any employees in the team who love the special drama “Kamen Rider”? And what elements did you want to import during the development process but didn’t put in at the end?
A: The age of the core members of the team happened to be the heyday of special dramas, so they may be affected intentionally or unintentionally. As for the fact that due to the consideration of development time, some elements that were originally intended to be put in were not put in.

Q: In addition to the rare gray character of Locus, and the characteristics of black and white, Fan En, compared with other series protagonists, what is the meaning given to the “Locus” series?
A: He has both good and evil attributes, because the Republic is a country with complex national conditions, we think this setting is the most appropriate way.


Q: Will this identity be reflected in the gameplay?From a certain perspective, it is similar to the Guerrilla Association, but the mission is broader and relatively gray, so how can players avoid repetition<空軌>a feeling of?
A: Although it is basically the same, because there are many gray areas in the task, there will be a choice at the end of the commission. This is also because of the setting of the character, which will affect some of the development of the character, so it will feel very different from the empty track.

Q: Will the stories of the Republic chapters be titled “The Locus of Li” and will be developed with Fan En as the protagonist?
A: It will indeed be developed with Fan En as the protagonist.

Q: Is it convenient to talk about the popularity ranking of the various characters appearing in “Legend of Li”?
A: The role of Elaine is very different before and after playing. It can be said that the popularity has exploded. Of course, this part of the reason is for players to explore in the game. This is something we hadn’t thought of before. As for whether it will affect the follow-up plot, it will be more or less, but it will not be hard to get right because of this, and we have not decided who Fan En likes. And Elaine is saying goodbye to her past self in Li Zhizhi, so we will indeed consider letting her participate in more important future roles in “Li Zhizhi 2”.


Q: In the character setting of this work, what can you share about the cooperation with Enpo Katsumi (エナミカツミ)? Like the style and color that you want to present, because after the release, many players prefer the overall style of “Flash”?
A: Considering the style of this story, we considered what kind of teacher to find to match this style. After Fan En’s design was released, most of the members agreed that Enopo Katsuo would be the teacher. In fact, I had also approached Mr. Enopo Katsumi, but he didn’t have time at the time, so he gave up.

Q: Will there be special chapters or works in the future to tell about the Codex Kingdom of Altriia? Many players are very concerned about Kevin’s story.

A: There are currently no plans to introduce the Codex Kingdom in a separate chapter, but they are related to the Goddess of the Sky, so they will definitely appear in the story. This time, only the old characters related to the Republic will be arranged. As for Kane’s guardian knights, some of them will appear in this game, and Kane himself will sell it to avoid spoilers.

Q: The news of “Trails of Lai 2” has been released. What can you remind Asian players to pay special attention to when playing “Trails of Li”?
A: You can pay attention to the trends and situations of various organizations. For example, there are some conflicts within the Black Moon and the Seven Luminaries Church. There is another level of technological development in the game. The protagonist group uses the sixth-generation force guide, and what the heroine is looking for has a deep connection with the development of science and technology. It will be more felt later in the story. In addition, in the LGC camp, it is recommended to save the fifth chapter, and the second round should be able to satisfy any value, so that no events will be missed.


Q: Why did the 1.1 version released a month after the release of the Japanese version of Li Zhili’s Japanese version significantly modify the plot and skill animations?
A: The main reason for the major update is of course to hope that the game will be better. The main reason is that everything in Li Zhi’s trajectory is brand new, so it was too late to correct it through subsequent updates.

Q: What kind of version will the Chinese version be when it goes on the market? Will there be additional voices for specific plots or changes to the AT interface display, etc.?
A: The Chinese version will be launched after all the revised versions are released.

Q: Is it possible that the Japanese version-limited bonus can be included in the Chinese version DLC of Li Zhi Locus?
A: The costumes of the Japanese storefront bonus will be provided to players in different ways.

Q: This time, “Trails of Lai II” was produced on the new generation PS5 console for the first time. Could you please reveal what significant enhancements are expected in the PS5 version?
A: The most direct impact of PS5 is the number of sheets per second and the reading speed. Another consideration is the vibration feedback. If time permits, I hope to make some attempts on this.


Q: You mentioned in the previous interview that the first series of “The Path of Li” is over, and now Lei 2 has been released. Can you reveal how many “The Path of Li” will be produced? How many percent of the stories of the Republic chapter are you talking about? Will the story of the Republic of Calvad be finished? Where will this work be in the series? How long until the end of the track series?

A: There is no way to accurately say that the trajectory of Li Zhi is a few percent of the Republic chapter, but it can be said that the trajectory of Li Zhi has already introduced the Republic. Under this premise, the next works can explore the mysteries of the Republic chapter and bring it to the fore. to the end. As for how many films we want, we are not confident, because like the previous track of Flash, we hoped to finish three films at the earliest, but in the end we still have one more.

About 60% of the entire trajectory has been completed. Of the remaining 40%, the Republic chapter will be a very important part, but there will still be other areas after the Republic chapter. This is our current overall plan, because the trajectory of Li Zhi has just been thrown out. The mystery of the Republic chapter, so it is very likely that it will not end in Loi’s Locus 2. After all, the size of the Republic and the Empire is similar, so I want to convey the story of the Republic chapter completely.

Q: The second generation titlewhy only lettersIs it lowercase?
A: Mainly because I want to make some changes in design.

When is the release date of “Legend of Lai 2”? Can the Chinese version be synchronized?
A: The direction of the plot is basically finalized, and the new system has also been decided, but the details of the script have not yet been decided. It is currently targeting a fall 2022 release. The key to simultaneous release is that the script should be decided and translated very early. Falcom is characterized by a large amount of script and likes to change it to the last minute. We still hope that players will not wait too long, so we will try to achieve simultaneous release as much as possible. .

Chen Yunyun, chairman of Yunbao Entertainment, said he would “try to release it simultaneously.”

“Trails of Li 2” includes the combat mechanism and the steerer mechanism. What system changes will there be compared to the first? Will there be full voice, or new elements such as mini-games?
It has not yet been finalized whether it is full voice or not. The part of the small game is a series of traditions, so there will be.

Q: In addition to PlayStation, Switch and Steam, the new work “Legend of Lai 2”, have you considered expanding its works to more platforms such as Xbox and Epic Games Store?
The penetration rate of PS5 is a crisis and a turning point. We originally thought about promoting the development of multiple platforms, and we will indeed take this opportunity to think.



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