Legendary designer Virgil Abloh’s classic look back at Louis Vuitton’s creative director

Designer Virgil Abloh, who died of cancer last year, is not only the director of Off-White™, but also the creative director of Louis Vuitton. In just four years at the top, he has carried out a new concept for it, not only in product design, but also in visual image to marketing techniques, including joining hands with celebrity lineups, all of which have been repackaged and set off again.

Aiming to blur the boundary between high-end fashion and street fashion, Virgil Abloh’s trendy style and youthful elements not only add a new atmosphere to Louis Vuitton, but also expand the road and create opportunities for the new generation of the industry.

As Louis Vuitton officially released its 2022 autumn/winter menswear collection yesterday – the last collection that Virgil Abloh participated in during his tenure, HYPEBEAST will join readers to review the classic moments of legendary designer Virgil Abloh at Louis Vuitton.

Spring/Summer 2019 Collection Debuts

One of the best memories is nothing more than the first appearance after taking office. Under the eyes of everyone, Virgil Abloh, through the rainbow show full of memories, with distinctive designs such as chains, translucent laser fabrics, tie-dye, etc., the former director Kim Jones paid tribute and showed his ability to those who questioned him; in addition, after the show, he was even more excited to embrace Ye (Kanye West), who was also a teacher and friend, and the scene was quite moving.

Inject a new look into a century-old classic bag

In the face of Louis Vuitton’s century-old iconic luggage and checked bags, Virgil Abloh, who has been in office for a while, is still not afraid. A new look with bright colors that does not obliterate the classic charm.

Break through yourself and try to add cross-domain elements

Many people think that the next season in charge of Virgil Abloh, the 2019 autumn and winter series, has not reached the expected height, and even said that the increasingly exaggerated silhouette and too many elements make the models seem to be overwhelmed. Although there is a difference in the evaluation, as a series to pay tribute to the idol Michael Jackson, Virgil Abloh is creative again. In addition to working with the graffiti artist Futura, he also makes the well-known model Alton Mason somersault, run and jump on the stage. Streetwear has made an impact, and bold styles have led many brands to follow suit.

Actively build relationships with brands

Virgil Abloh’s open thinking has also influenced Louis Vuitton subtly. About a year and a half after he took office, he announced that he would cooperate with the Japanese trend giant NIGO to create a joint capsule series. As soon as the news of the surprise combination came out, it immediately caused a topic, not only the goods were sold out instantly, but also Promoted the two to join hands many times in the future.

The long-term cooperation with Nike is even more fruitful. Under the joint name of the fashion industry and the sports industry, it not only designs the best-selling styles that break the records of the past decade, but also redefines the possibility of sports shoes with both function and appearance; In addition to the commercial level, Virgil Abloh, who has continued to cultivate between street culture and luxury fashion, also paid tribute to the hip-hop culture with the classic shoe Air Force 1 in the Louis Vuitton 2022 spring and summer men’s collection.

“Heaven on Earth” series subverts tradition

Implementing its subversive traditional creative model, Virgil Abloh explored the social meaning and implicit norms of suits in the 2020 autumn and winter series, starting from tailoring, fabrics, etc., injecting details such as deconstruction, the concept of Maximalism, and sneaker matching, with a unique High-street style Redefine the seriousness that comes from the connection between suits and business themes. The main visual elements are blue sky and white clouds in a surreal style, symbolizing the sky-like expanse and unconstrained thoughts. Using the works to reflect the self, it also leaves the impression of breaking the frame in the hearts of everyone.

The last series “Amen Break” published while alive

This series may be the culmination of Virgil Abloh’s long-term exploration, focusing on subculture, taking Amen Break as the core concept, reflecting artistic sampling and extending to clothing, with symbols such as rave, martial arts, chess, Nike Air Force 1 and other metaphors of the world There are certain people in Shanghai who are fighting for the future of all, reflecting the important heritage of black culture, and hoping to create an environment that is more friendly to minorities.

A few days after the death of Virgil Abloh, this series was re-exhibited in Miami in order to mourn the loss of talents. The preview of “Virgil Was Here” will awaken the audience’s pure nature of flying by depicting childhood. Interested readers may wish to check it out. More work by Virgil Abloh.

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