LEGO Group launches three variants of Disney’s ‘The Little Mermaid’ live-action series

[FETV=최명진 기자] The Lego Group has released three types of ‘Lego Disney Little Mermaid Series’ with the motif of Disney’s latest live action musical film ‘The Little Mermaid’.

This series is characterized by a product composition that fans of all ages can enjoy together, from a large display set that reproduces the fantastic underwater world to a cute prop box. Each set includes Lego figures of main live-action characters and their happy friends in the sea.

The largest and most sophisticated of the three new products, ‘Lego Disney’s Little Mermaid’s Shell Palace’ is a total of 1,808 bricks, which vividly embodies the magnificent and spectacular sea kingdom in a large shell. From King Triton’s throne, to the shipwreck, Ariel’s treasure cave, and Ursula’s hideout, you can glimpse the main locations throughout the film’s plot. A secret area for fans is also hidden.

The interior and exterior of ‘Disney Ariel’s Lego Treasure Box’ can be decorated with various mermaid-themed accessories. If you put the key in the lock and turn it, Ariel, Flounder, and Sebastian in the diamond dress will rotate like a music box. There is also a secret place where you can hide your own treasures.

The ‘Lego Disney Little Mermaid Story Book’ is a pop-up book-style portable playset that opens the box with a key and reveals a Little Mermaid-themed interior. With Ariel’s cave, Prince Eric’s library, and Ursula’s moon in the background, it offers a variety of things to enjoy, such as rotating sculptures and folding thrones.

Among the three new products, ‘The Little Mermaid’s Shell Palace’ will be sold exclusively through the official online and offline Lego stores. The other two types can be purchased in online and offline Lego stores nationwide, including official Lego stores and supermarkets.


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