‘Leica Q3’ full frame camera released… 3 levels of sensor resolution can be selected

BSI-CMOS sensor, supports 60 million, 36 million, and 18 million pixels
Tilting display, wireless charging pad, maximizing user convenience

▲ ‘Leica Q3’ full frame camera. (Photo: Leica)

[데이터넷] Leica Camera announced on the 26th that it will be releasing the new ‘Leica Q3’ from the Leica Q series.

The new Leica Q3 is a premium compact camera with excellent connectivity and compatibility while maintaining the highest photo and video quality. Anyone can easily take high quality photos and videos through ease of use and durability and excellent functions. In addition, the Q3’s compact size is easy to carry, so you can feel the charm of a natural and stylish daily camera.

The Leica Q3 features a durable, high-resolution 3-inch tilting display for creative shooting from a variety of angles.

The 5.76 million-dot electronic OLED viewfinder is installed, so you can see a clearer and clearer image of the subject.

The upgraded BSI-CMOS full-frame sensor can select three levels of resolution, 60 million, 36 million, and 18 million according to the user’s choice, and can save in DNG or JPEG format photos.

It supports ISO 50 to ISO 100,000 at all resolutions, and the latest generation Maestro IV processor ensures excellent processing speed.

The Leica Q3 has a Summilux 28mm lens, a signature of the Leica Q series.

The Summilux 28mm f/1.7 ASPH lens captures all the light needed to realize a creative vision, enabling more sophisticated photography.

In addition, there is a macro shooting mode, which enables close-up shooting with incredible detail even at the minimum focus distance of 17cm, and it supports digital zoom with 28, 35, 50, 75, and 90mm angles of view.

A function for video creators has also been added. It has an 8K resolution video recording function and efficient codecs such as H.265 and Apple’s ProRes.

The newly installed USB-C and HDMI ports make it easy to connect the camera to other external devices such as gimbals, auxiliary batteries, and external recorders.

It is certified as ‘Made for iPhone® and iPad®’ and is seamlessly compatible with Apple products using the included cable.

Compared to the previous series, you can connect more stably with the Leica FOTOS app, and you can transfer photos and videos to your smartphone quickly and easily.

Through the ‘Leica Look’ function in the Photos app, you can take photos that reflect your own taste.

Images or videos loaded with a super fast transfer speed of about 3 seconds based on DNG files can be shared directly on social media or various apps for further editing.

Another advantage is that the new Leica charging pad and the dedicated hand grip enable convenient wireless charging.

The Leica Q3 is available at Leica Stores, Leica Online Stores and official stores worldwide.

Meanwhile, Leica Camera Korea is holding a ‘Leica House Seongsu’ pop-up in Seongsu-dong to commemorate the launch of the Leica Q3. It will be held at Y173 in Seongsu-dong from the 27th to June 4th, and anyone can visit for free by booking in advance. Details on how to order are available on the official Leica Camera website and Instagram.

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