Leica releases Q2 “Dawning” special edition camera kit priced at 50,800 yuan – DoNews

Guo Ruiqi2022-09-22 08:25:00

DoNews News September 22 (Guo Ruiqi) According to Leica official news, Leica today released the Q2 “Dawning” special edition camera set, which is now officially on the shelves and priced at 50,800 yuan.

According to reports, the Leica Q2 “Dawn” special edition camera set was designed by singer and Grammy Award winner Seal, and is limited to 500 units. Each camera is crafted in Japanese style leather with a distinctive black Leica logo on the front of the body.

The set includes a limited edition scarf and strap with Seal’s words, as well as a limited edition number and Seal’s signature engraved below the camera display.

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