Leicester sack Rodgers and appoint talented manager This one made a team instead.

Lester It was said that he was about to be released. Brendan Rodgers Retired from team manager position after startingball programThe Premier League is bad After playing 7 games, it is only 1 point behind the bottom of the table, according to a report by leicestermercury.co.uk on 19 September 2022.

After the last gamelive football resultsAway, Leicester lost to Spurs 6-2 in the Premier League football programme. Of course, Brendan Rodgers’ situation is not good at all. In addition, the news also said that his future was to be decided by the president of the club.

The report says that Leicester are likely to sack Birod soon, but that they are currently looking for a new manager. which is the strongest source Brentford manager Thomas Frank That’s it, but from the latest interview with the Danish manager. The owner stood that day Still very happy with Brentford. and rumors are normal.

In addition to Tomas Frank, there are also a number of other managers who have been named as candidates for Leicester’s new manager, including Mauricio Pochettino or Mar. Zelo Bielsa.

Thanks for the information from: leicestermercury.co.uk

Photo Release: AFP, twitter.com/BrentfordFC

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