“Lena Jung” reveals her goals in life. I want to be the next female Prime Minister of Thailand, spend 75 million

Meet the brave women Wherever you go, it’s always a trend. We see the image of “Lena Jung” She is a “violent, stubborn” person, but deep down we don’t even know this woman. How does it really feel deep inside you? Lena-chan is ready to open up to the show. Especially the things that are head-on.

Goals in the life of a woman named “Lina-Chang”, what would you like to do in life that you have never done? is what the host Owner of the show, do not “DJ Man”, ask at some point in the show. Kotman makes Leena Jung replied, “Do you want to be Prime Minister, Ainho, you can ask me.”

Before DJ Man asked if it was true Lena Jung confirmed it “Well, I applied 7 times, lost 75 million because of one goal. Why Prayut can be, Lena-chan can’t be. I am much smarter than Prayut. He just announced yesterday that he was wrong. It’s eight hundred and forty thousand idiots.”

By doing this show, he has reached EP.4 of “DJ Man” and the online show “Pak Saap” which previously DJ Man’s wife Bai Toei had already left for a round.

This work, the strong current is not over. Due diligence, there is a trend every day for Lena’s mother. The latest with the edition of “Lina-Chang” has come, helping and watching “Bella” as a different person, with the movie “Buppesanniwat 2”, after Bella paid homage, thank you, hurry to send the film card for The journey goes down, it’s up to No Son No Care to live with the flow happily. It’s probably another reason DJ Man was invited as a guest. to keep up with the hotness that is


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