‘Leo Burnett’ opens home for Cannes Predictions 2022


Publicis Group Thailand opens its doors. The Leo Burnett Group Thailand, an agency under Publicis Group Thailand, is hosting the Leo Burnett Cannes Predictions 2022 this year under the Creative Bonfire concept. To rekindle the creative fire after the COVID-19 hiatus on June 16, 65

In the event, there is an activity to predict the finalists of the communication campaign from the contest. Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity 2022 which was held in Cannes France In addition, a panel discussion by the latest Bangkok Governor’s communication team, Mr. Chatchart Sitthiphan, who was behind the strategy planning and communication in the past elections, was titled “The New Era of Creativity: Communications fused with data, a new way of the creative race and communication in an era where data is the compass to success.”

Mr. Parut Daorai Co-Chief Executive Officer Publicis Group Thailand said, “Our merger this year hasmeaning more than every timebecause we are not just here toCompliment and predict the finalist advertisement work. But we also come together toSet the creative fire ablaze again which at present We have to admit that the world of mediaThe present substance has changedchange quickly In addition, consumers are complex.more individual and

The new world of marketing communicationThere is a way we call “When Creativity Meets Precision” that describes the direction of the media.Today’s essential marketing materialsmust use data as the center to create efficiencymarketing effect Advertising must reach and speak.with consumers during the periodThey are ready and ready to engage with us and lead to data collection to build customer understanding.deeper and more measurablemore and more

At Publicis Group, we have developed the communication principle thatcalled The Growth Loop, which is the key to helpingprovide guidelines for communicating with usto understand and access the Real Identity or the identity of an individual This concept, in addition to focusing onof the understanding of the backpack groupdeeply targeted will also emphasize the importance ofand the necessity of using data for analysis and furtherExcellent in creative work in everya portion of the experience that the operatorConsumers will be able to be effective.The most pictures as well.”

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for the job Leo Burnett Cannes Predictions regarded as a tradition that The Leo Burnett Group has been organized for a long time which is a combination of squintto lead people to be creativeShare inspiration and join the challenge.Any creative works thatThe first prize will be awarded at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

'Leo Burnett' opens home for Cannes Predictions 2022

by Mr. Somphat Thritsikhun Chief Executive OfficerSangsan Publicis Group Thailand said, “The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity is one of theDo big creative works atThe best in the world is like an Oscar.of the advertising and media industryMarketing information, which for people in the industry This work is notThe only award ceremonyIt means sharing experiences.work and the success of the mediaMarketing materials from all over the world so that we can see andunderstand the trends and directions of the mediacurrent marketing material

which as an agencyAdvertising and communication Forefront of the world Leo Burnett organized the event. Leo Burnett Cannes Predictions It’s been a tradition for a long time. Its purpose is for everyone to haveCome join the challenge of creative work atwill be rewarded at the event Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2022 in Cannes France To be held on June 20-25, which this year we will see the works.There is a mix of thought results.Creativity with the use of mediaand new digital platforms to tell stories perfectlyIt shows that the world givesimportance to the connection of the mediacommunication through all channels to createto participate and createexperience together with the campaign tocreate a tangible current in theall of which requireUnderstanding data and platform integrationm wisely to make communication perfectthe most perfect and efficient.”

Leo Burnett Cannes Predictions This year is back on the theme. Creative Bonfire which means a great comebackthe big picture of the creatives to light the fire of creativityto rise again After being away for a long time I am confident that this year’s Leo Burnett Cannes Prediction 2022 will be an inspiration.inspire us makes us feel energetic andBama has power again. After facingon the past COVID-19 situation.”

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This year, The Leo Burnett Group, headquartered in Chicago. united states screened for moviesAdvertising and campaign finalists20 works from the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2022.

Of these, there are 2 works from The Leo Burnett Group, namely Change The Ref Inc. “The Lost Class” from Leo Burnett, Chicago, USA, and another event is P&G Whisper “The Missing Chapter” From Leo Burnett, India

There are also 18 other works from top agencies.many worlds including

  • Verizon “9/12: The Untold Story of Reconnecting New York” จาก Verizon, USA
  • Kraft Heinz Canada “Heinz Draw Ketchup” from Rethink, Canada
  • Family Equality “Love, Lawyers, And The Government” จาก TBWAChiat Day NY, USA
  • Pepsi “Better with Pepsi” from Alma DDB, USA
  • Channel 4 “Super.Human.” from 4creative, UK
  • Dove “Reverse Selfie” from Ogilvy UK, UK
  • Fondation Emergence “Colours of Pride” from Rethink, Canada
  • FAFF Harley-Davidson “Tough Turban” from Zulu Alpha Kilo, Canada.
  • Penny “The Wish” from Serviceplan Campaign, Germany
  • eos “Bless Your F**king Cooch จาก Mischief @ No Fixed Address, USA
  • Adidas “Liquid Billboard” from Havas Middle East Dubai, UAE.
  • Oreo “Oreo Thins Camo Packs” from The Community USA
  • Carrefour “The Healthy Map – Carrefour X Fortnite” จาก Publicis Conseil, France
  • The Kiyan Prince Foundation “Long Live The Prince” จาก Engine Creative, UK
  • Motown Museum “Marvin Gaye 50th Anniversary” จาก Commonwealth/ McCann, USA
  • Woojer “Sick Beats” from Area 23, USA
  • Burberry “Open Spaces” from Megaforce, UK
  • Burger King “Confusing Times” from David, Madrid, Spain

'Leo Burnett' opens home for Cannes Predictions 2022

which besidesof the predictions of the prize contestAfter that, The Leo Burnett Group Thailand also organized a discussion on the topic “The New Era of Creativity: Communications fused with datacreativity and communication in the age of informationCompassion for success” with the honor of Prakit Kobkitwattana and Prab Laoharojanaphan Representative of the resident communication teamBehind the Election Campaignthat last time Chatchart Sitthiphan, Governor of Bangkoknow

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Khun Prakit joined to tell aboutcommunication strategy and creativity in the campaignregarded as a campaign thatmost successfulOne of the campaigns in historyelections in Thailand that it can reach peopleMassive numbers and received a response.Well, the secret of this success isis the integration of the science of creativityto combine with the usetechnology through digital platformsTal to be useful from visiting the area to search for information toUsing digital platforms tothe public’s voice until the data is analyzed for communicationCommunication with people in each generation is relevant and effective.top picture

It can be seen that platform and data are the heart of acquiringcommunication designCan digest difficult things into easy ones. not only that The team also understands how to use the platform.social media to increaseBenefit by updating the Live visits on the Owned Channel, allowing us to reach the real people so that everyone can see.Khun Chatchart’s actual work and field visit and create participationof the people until they are able to win the hearts of people of various generations

Therefore, we can concludethat at present, the media workthat marketing material creative mix Combined with the world of platforms to deploy data is essential.It is very important to help design the media.Our message reaches the group of backpackers.able to meet our diverse goals

The Leo Burnett Cannes Prediction 2022 of The Leo Burnett Group Thailand is an important sign of theThe origin of the creative work thatwill come back to shine again which this return will makePeople in the industry have come up with new ideas for creative work.with the world of Data as a compass for thinkingwork and create a media campaigna substance that focuses on access tomore individual


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