Leo Vendrame who wants to “completely burn” as a representative of Japan, “I can’t become a member even if I say I can’t make use of it” –Basketball Count |

“I’m practicing to play with speed.”

Leo Vendrame continues to starve for the Japanese national team. Any player who plays at the top level will aim to represent Japan, but he has been seriously trying to represent Japan, confronting him no matter how many times he is bounced back, and has become one of the 12 registered members of the Tokyo Olympics. However, the team couldn’t win one and the tournament ended without enough playtime for Vendrame.

At the start of this season, he summed himself up at the Olympics, saying, “I’ve become the 13th to 12th player, but I have to think that I was a player up to that point.” I had a strong feeling, “but he changed his mind and entered a new season, and when the Japanese national team started with Tom Hovasse as a new commander, he was morally participating in it.

“I myself didn’t feel like I was burned out as a member of the Olympics, and I ended up with incomplete combustion, so if I could join the members this time, I would like to express my feelings at that time on the court with all my might. “Masu,” says Vendrame with enthusiasm.

“Tom-san’s basketball gives detailed instructions on what to do and is practicing to take advantage of Japan’s good speed. That’s why I usually use picks and rolls to attack with my team, but it’s a little difficult because off-ball movement is more important than that. “

Everyone must learn the new style of the Japanese national team and show their own characteristics while adjusting to it. There are difficulties in each, but Vendrame replies without hesitation, “I have no choice but to make use of it. I don’t think I can become a member even if I say I can’t make use of it.”

Leo Vendrame

“A style that can express your aggressiveness”

“Of course I like fast-paced baskets, and I think it’s a style that can express my aggressiveness.”

Yes, Vendrame says, but another difficult thing for him is the position. “It’s been said that I might be in the second position,” he reveals in a conversation with Tom Coach. “I’m not in the second position in the current practice, but I think that there are times when I’m in the shooting guard position in order to develop a fast-paced basketball with two guards. I want to make an offense as a point guard. “

This is “a challenge that has come up again” for him. It was once used in the 2nd position at Sun Rockers Shibuya, and there was a time when the idea of ​​the representative was the 1st position and suffered from the difference in usage. However, it is different from when I was a young man and now I am 28 years old with various experiences. That may be reflected in his words, “I have no choice but to make use of it.”

When asked about the wealth he gained at the Tokyo Olympics, Vendrame says, “It feels like it’s not coming out right now. That’s the impression.” “But I can’t say in words what was good about being able to participate in the special Olympics, but I think it was a big thing for me.”

Some veterans had to find out for themselves the significance of playing for the national team. There are some players who have little experience as a representative and may be crazy about it. In such a team, Vendrame has the impression that his feet are on the ground. His challenge will continue until the Japanese national team burns completely.



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