Leona looks beautiful in pearl white gown, pictures go viral News in Malayalam

Actress Leona Lishoi is the daughter of film series actor Lishoi and followed her father’s footsteps into acting. Leona is someone who has been in the acting field for ten years. Leona made her acting debut in the movie Kalikalam in 2012. For the first time, she played the lead role in the movie Jawaan of Vellimala


Leona acted in small roles in films like North 24 Katham, Red Wine and Haram. The 2016 film Anmaria Kalippilan changed Leona’s career.


In it, Leona got more opportunities as Teresa Roy. Sameera’s character in Mayanadi was also impressive.


Leona acted in films like Maradona, Ish.Kh, Virus, Inquisitive, 21 Grams.


His role as Fida in this year’s 12th Man alongside Mohanlal won him much praise.


Leona’s last release was the film Varayan. Leona’s upcoming films are Ram and Jinn. With Fida becoming a wave, Leona also gained more followers on social media.


Now Leona has shared photos of beautiful shoots in a pearly white gown. Jyoti Butola did the makeup for the star in the style of Drap Stories. Leona’s photos are taken by Nostalgia Events.

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