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Leos Karax “Unlike Hong Sang-soo, I am not a prolific person” [BIFF]

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Director Leos Karax at the press conference for the movie ‘Anette’ / Provided by the Busan International Film Festival

Police Daily =[권봉길 기자]= Director Leos Karax revealed the reason for ‘overwork’.
Director Karax held the ‘Master Class: Leos Karax, He is a Movie’ held at the KNN Theater in Haeundae-gu, Busan on the afternoon of the 10th and talked with the audience.

Although he made his directorial debut in 1984, he is famous for overworking. Regarding this, director Karax said, “There was a budget reason, there was a time when it built up notoriety, and it could be difficult to cast. Time went by for a long time, and sometimes I felt exhausted. There was a feeling I couldn’t even imagine, and I also thought I had no energy.”

“But even if I could cast everything in this world, I would have made about three or four works so far, and I am not a prolific person,” he said. They are prolific in two films, but I can’t do that. I’m a bad director.” He also shared his beliefs, “I am a person who previously thought that I should be a different person for each work.

Meanwhile, ‘Annette’ is a musical film about what happens to world-famous opera singer Anne (Marion Cotillard) and stand-up comedian Henry (Adam Driver) when they have a special daughter Annette. It is an official invitation to a gala presentation. Director Leos Carax won the Best Director award at this year’s Cannes Film Festival for this new film, his first in eight years. It opens in theaters on the 27th.

Police Daily =[권봉길 기자]


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