Less than 20 stock cars left to buy!Tesla in Taiwan stops ordering without warning

On Tesla’s official website in Taiwan today (4) days, the Model 3 cannot be ordered, and the words “indefinite sale date, please refer to the car page here and there” appear on the entire car series. in addition, the modified functions of new cars have also been withdrawn, which means that only the next You can choose from existing vehicles that have arrived in Hong Kong.

Model 3 orders on Tesla’s official website in Taiwan ended without warning.

According to the official information, due to the limited production capacity of the California factory in the United States, Taiwan is currently suspending orders for new cars, and can only buy the entry-level rear-wheel drive Model 3 and the four-wheel drive Model 3 .There is a performance spot that arrives in Hong Kong in the fourth quarter, and they are in stock There are not many cars, only about 14 cars.

In addition, after selling the spot cars in the fourth quarter, Taiwan will not have the Model 3 from the California factory for now. Domestic consumers need to wait for the original factory to restore the supply of new cars before they can place an order The answer will be published later.

There are only 14 domestic Model 3 trucks left for purchase.

On August 13 this year, Taiwan’s Model 3 models were significantly modified, and the Long Range models were taken off the shelves and stopped for sale. Only the rear-wheel drive models and the Performance four-wheel drive models were kept. .The prices were 1.7549 million yuan and 2.4689 million yuan respectively, resulting in a price difference.Up to 714,000.

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