Let Holland’s misfortune end in Qatar Let Qatar end Holland’s misfortune

A cut out of Ruud Gullit was placed in the local sports club’s advertisement in 1988 at Chalium Angadi in his native Kozhikode. It was the first time Gullit’s long curly hair was seen. Then in 1988, he saw the Netherlands play against the Soviet Union for the first time in the final of the Euro Cup. I became a big fan of the Dutch team that day. Since then most of Holland’s games have been televised. I have seen victories and defeats of my favorite team many times. Now he dreams of beating the beloved Netherlands when the World Cup is held in Qatar.

Holland is a team that has lost the title many times due to bad luck. Total Football’s hopes came close to the cup in 1974, 1978 and 2010. Under the guidance of the legendary Johan Cruyff, Holland managed to reach the final in 1978 despite Cruyff not playing in 1974. Holland lost to West Germany and Argentina on both occasions. The most significant achievement was winning the Euro Cup in 1988 with Ruud Gullit, Marco van Basten and Frank Rijkaard.

In 2010, the team of Robin van Persie, Arjen Robben and Wesney Sneijder reached the final of the World Cup held in South Africa. Spanish goalkeeper Casillas saved Arjen Robben’s kick with his foot to secure the last minute goal in the final against Spain. Holland and his supporters consider it the most unfortunate sight in football. In 2014, they had to settle for third place in the World Cup held in Brazil.

Holland arrives in Qatar with high hopes under coach Van Gaal. Barcelona’s Frank de Jong, Memphis Depay, Liverpool defender Virgin van Dijk, Manchester City’s Nathan Ake, Bayern Munich’s De Light and Grauen Berch, Ajax Amsterdam’s Davy Klaassen, Jurain Timber, Steven Bergevin, Burgis and Inter’s Stefan D Milan. All of the Dutch players are at the top of world club football, including Virg, Daniel Dumfries, Martin de Room Atalanta, Coop Manners, Villa Real’s Danjuma, PSV goal scoring machine Cody Gokpo, Gustil, Xavi Symonds and Manchester United’s Malaysia .

Holland can take a step towards the crown only by overcoming a huge line of giants. Fans believe that Holland will overcome all the difficulties and win the title this time.

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