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Let me sing a song for you The 3rd Tencent Music and Entertainment Festival will go forward in the name of love, and the stars will reunite in Macau, China-China Entertainment Network

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On November 23, Tencent Music Entertainment Group (hereinafter referred to as TME) officially announced that the third Tencent Music Entertainment Festival (TMEA), a national music entertainment event in the Chinese music scene, will be held on December 11, 2021 in Macau, China. Officially announced the first wave of artist lineups. Looking back at the year 2021, which is perplexed but passionate, burdened and energized, music has always been with you, accompany you and me through the four time periods, and talked about the trust and care between each other. The theme of this festival is “Let me sing for you Sing For Music”. I hope that through this music event that comes for you and sings for you, you will pay tribute to the ordinary or great and hear the melody that belongs to you and me. Tencent Music Entertainment Group will continue to work with many musicians and industry partners to deliver the energy and warmth brought by good music, and to engrave the beautiful memories of this year. At that time, this festival will be broadcast live simultaneously on QQ Music, Kugou Music, Kuwo Music, and National K Songs under Tencent Music Entertainment Group.

On the stage of the past two TMEAs, we have witnessed Mayday, Ren Xianqi, Westlife, Uesugi Sheng singing the touch of youth with the melodies; Xue Zhiqian, Zhang Liangying, Zhou Shen, Zhang Yunlei conveyed warmth with their deep affection and infinite enthusiasm Healing; Zhang Yixing’s “Stage in the Rain”, Cai Xukun’s naked-eye 3D and other “music + black technology” shocking performances, offering extreme audio-visual impact… Nearly a hundred artists star-studded performances, hundreds of millions of music fans full of hot eyes , More than a hundred trophies, TMEA records the voice of the times and commends the efforts of every music player.

Looking back at the coming 2021, we will sing and go, with music as the company, to transcend loneliness, resist loss, and fight helplessness. When the epidemic isolates a city, the people in the snow and in the buildings late at night use music to support each other’s people; when the heroes struggle on their respective tracks, they can’t help but wave the flag and sing for them across the screen…Sing for countless years In the time when singing for nature and singing for life, music can always surpass a thousand words to reach people’s hearts. In a same melody, no matter who listens to it, it is always the same spring, autumn, winter, summer, and the warmth of the world.

As promised, the third TMEA, with the theme of “Let me sing a song for you”, continues to move forward in the name of love, and the stars reunite. A cross-generational lineup of the world’s top musicians, ingenious stage links, and technologically sophisticated stage design will warm up with you, and will also focus the spotlight on you and me in the crowd, and sing for people from all walks of life. Song. Achieve honor with ordinary, let this ceremonial record become a common memory of the public, let the wave of Chinese music be heard by the world.

As the leader of online music and audio entertainment services in China, Tencent Music Entertainment Group relies on the broadest user base, the richest music content and the support of global singers to create such a benchmark full of diverse music languages ​​and international influence. Cultural event, committed to becoming the most loyal listener of musicians and partners, the most affectionate accompany of users and fans, and the most steadfast recorder of the times, constantly unleashing industry value imagination, building a more open industry ecology, and creating with innovation Greater social value.

Who is about to sing for you under the bright spotlight? Which wonderful stage will heal your inner world? Which work will become your annual memory in 2021? I hope you can find the song that belongs to you in this festival. The countdown to the third Tencent Music Entertainment Festival (TMEA) begins, so stay tuned!


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