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It is time for the Kerala football rhythm to recover. New clubs and players. More crowns. A generation that sees the game as professional is coming through. A quest for their expectations. And a look back at the past. ‘Sounds ground; Let’s continue this time ‘series continues. Prepared at the Sports Desk Pradeep Gopal

Jobs and security are needed. Work is the motivation along with the joy of playing for Kerala. The 15 players who played together in the Santosh Trophy have no jobs. It is hoped that the government will provide jobs. Injury on the field is the lifeblood of a player – says Arjun Jayaraj, midfielder of the Santosh Trophy champions Kerala team.

The later lives of the players who won the first Santosh Trophy for Kerala in 1973 should be added. Many of those who played on company teams back then had a meager pension – their current only source of income. This includes the homeless and the sick. It takes serious thinking beyond noise and joy. Talents should be given a way of life. The Kerala Football Association and the government can do a lot.

Come back to the tournaments

‘All India based club tournaments should be brought back as before. If the tournament of the leading clubs of the country is organized, the spectators will start coming again. Plans to bring in new players should be continued, ”said PP Tobias, a former Kerala Police player.

The players who win the Santosh Trophy should be encouraged to join the professional game. What is needed is a way for national players to take precedence in the ISL. Former players say the I-League should be transformed into the Premier League. We need a commercial partnership that benefits the game and the players. The method of fertilizing the ears should be changed.

Yes, the football stadium

Infrastructure is essential for the growth of the game. Kerala does not have its own football stadium. All that exists are multipurpose stadiums. What is needed is a world-class stadium exclusively for football. It should include residential area and classroom. Must be able to play clubs and academies in Europe. Must be able to innovate through revenue. Currently, not even five per cent of the income is received. Private participation must be created to overcome government limitations. You can also seek the help of public sector organizations. Another goal is to secure a telecasting partner for the long term.

The strength of the Northeast

While the traditional forces of national football, Kerala, Goa, Karnataka and Bengal, faded away, there was a revival in the north-eastern states. In Manipur, the development of football is done through the games of the senior team. Football is growing rapidly in the Northeastern states. The success of hockey in Odisha is a lesson‌. Sundergarh, a tribal region, is the hockey capital of Odisha. In 1984, a sports hostel was built in Rourkela. Three hockey academies, including now. Later, two training centers and hostels were set up by the Sports Authority of India (SAI) and the Government of Odisha. It is estimated that 12,000 players came from the hockey factory in Sundergarh. In collaboration with the Tata Group, a High Performance Center has been set up near the Kalinga Stadium in Bhubaneswar. The largest hockey stadium in India is nearing completion in Roorkee.

Investing in sports is like investing in young people. Move to tomorrow. The way to it is the recent achievements.

The government is with the rise of football in Kerala. The Sports Department has signed MoUs with the All India Football Federation for the promotion, training and organization of football tournaments. Short-term contract signed. A follow-up program will be launched to provide football training to five lakh children at the local level. The training will be focused on schools at the panchayat level. The Kickoff project was renamed the Goal Project. The 33 centers in the Kickoff project will be merged into the Goal project. Successful running of the Santosh Trophy gives confidence. Three football academies were started. The Payyanad Stadium where the Santosh Trophy was held will be expanded to accommodate half a lakh spectators.
V Abdurahman (Minister of Sports)

We need a professional club in Kerala. The team should be made up of officials working in various departments in Kerala and outsiders. Job opportunities should be given in Kerala and opportunities should be provided to play for Kerala. Players should be promoted on the job according to their performance. KPL is a good idea. However, the practice of buying entry with money is not good. District champions should be given a chance. Don’t miss out on their chance to buy money and get teams involved.
U Sharafali (former Indian captain)

The kids want to play in the European leagues. For that, the game should be played at least 120 days a year. Stadiums exclusively for football are also needed. The association and the government have limitations in financial matters. However, the association is implementing various schemes for the development of football. We need to be convinced that football is not just a game, it is an industry.
P Anilkumar (KFA Secretary)

It doesn’t matter just because he played football. We need to create and teach a modern syllabus on what is stamina, what is strength, and where to pass. The Kerala Premier League needs a coach with a minimum B license. Girls C license. The old-fashioned courses at NIS are the same. Has not changed. Real training is not just about teaching to win. It should also entertain the audience.
Bino George (Santosh Trophy Kerala Team Coach)


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