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Let’s ask for the car… Mercedes-Benz girl swears at a middle-aged woman [e글e글]

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Writer releases transcripts of mother calls with Mercedes-Benz
“If you refuse to request an apology, you will sue”

Double parked Mercedes vehicles. Baby Dream

The so-called’Benz woman’, who made abusive speech and derogatory comments to a middle-aged woman who requested the movement of a double-parked vehicle, aroused anger.

On the 13th, a post was posted on the automobile community, Bobae Dream, under the title of’A Mercedes-Benz girl who crossed the line of a single apartment in Daejeon’.

The author, who said he was a resident of the apartment, claimed that “the day before, my mother asked the same resident to get out of the car and heard threats.” According to him, his mother pushed the Mercedes double parked in front of her vehicle on the way to work, but when he was not pushed, he called the owner.

However, the car owner of Mercedes, who said “I’m going down,” said that he didn’t come in more than 10 minutes, and when his mother called again, he showed a nervous reaction, “Isn’t it okay to pull it off?” The author said, “My mother also said a word to her, and she said,’Where is (Benz) your house, I will find and kill all the children. He continued to say such things as “Same Xs”, “That’s why you’re riding a sonata”, and “People like you are conscious of victimization.” Netizens who listened to the posts and transcripts said, “I heard the call for nothing. “I feel frustrated”, “How can I have such a personality?”, “I don’t seem to be sane” and so on. The author said, “After work, I went to the management office and explained the situation in the morning.” .

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He added, “I will go to the management office one more time to request a handwritten apology, a face-to-face apology, and a memorandum.”

Jo Hye-sun, Dong-A.com reporter [email protected]

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