Let’s ban parking… The owner blocked the entrance to the apartment with a 1 ton truck

A truck parked at the entrance of an apartment in Incheon / Yonhap News

A conflict is brewing between residents of an apartment complex in Incheon over parking issues. When the side of the flat blocked the parking of the lorry in the complex, the owner of the 1 tonne lorry, who protested against this measure, blocked the entrance to the flat with a vehicle.

According to Incheon Bupyeong Police Station on the 20th, a report was received from an apartment in Bupyeong-gu, Incheon around 6:00 pm on the 17th that “a 1-ton truck was parked in front of the entrance barrier.” When the police were sent to the scene, the vehicle in question was parked at the visitors only entrance. The nearby tenant-only entrance was in a position where vehicles could pass.

However, it is known that the police were unable to remove the lorry because the flat was privately owned. The Road Traffic Act applies to public roads, but it is difficult to use illegal parking and stopping if the vehicle is entirely on private land.

In response, some residents stopped the vehicle in front of the vehicle once to prevent it from moving, or put a post-it note on the vehicle with the words ‘get out’ and ‘out’ to protest. There was also a voice criticizing the owner of the top car in the residents’ online group chat room.

The conflict began when the apartment complex recently banned residents who own trucks from parking in the complex. Based on parking control regulations, the representative association of the apartment tenants prohibited vehicles over 2.3m high from using the apartment’s underground car park. In addition, for safety reasons, access to the above ground car park was blocked. Instead, they were instructed to use the car park of a nearby sports facility.

Note on the boarding car / Yonhap News

On the other hand, the situation of the truck owner is different. At the time of the tenure contract, they were informed that they could park on the ground, and that the sports facilities car park was about 20 minutes away and was saturated, making parking difficult.

A, who identified himself as the resident of the apartment and the owner of the car, this situation to the online community Bobaedream on the 19th. He said, “At the time of the apartment contract, I asked if it was possible to park in the model house (lorry), and he said, ‘There is a parking area on the ground.

He continued, “Initially, passenger cars and trucks were registered as occupants, so the trucks were parked on the side of the complex.” At the same time, he said, “There was not a single phone call to the owners of the trucks,” and “they did not make a parking space, and told them to park on their own.”

It is known that the owners of the truck will request a meeting with the representative of the residents to discuss the problem.


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