Let’s “Close” with the people of “PIT BABE” 18+ STYLE CHANGE Series 2018

The Stream Series At first I thought a lot of people would think that It sounds like it would shake and then go away.

But where did she go until today? It is still a popular trend that is extremely hot and it is a huge market where organizers big and small are ready to jump into the field to share a share of the market.

even though channel 3

But with the main target group Most of them are of working age. and his head was buried in a husband and wife drama that had been familiar for many years. Making the series Y dan gysgod Vic 3 Rama 4 cannot go far. Even if I save myself by creating a novel that already has a reader base It doesn’t make the Channel 3 series stand out or memorable compared to the Y series from other channels. Not to be compared with tension like GMM25, whose main production base is in affiliates like GMM Television And then there are other subordinates. which rents airtime Even the Y series broadcast through various online platforms. Many things are still remembered. and talked about more The value that the content is directly aligned with the target audience.
Well…. now it seems that the Y war series is about to heat up even more. When a drama content goddess like “Code-Saitip Montreekun” oh CHANGE 2561 I would like to enter the field to play on this battlefield as well.

To the extent that there is an announcement for the audition of a handsome man to join the project in a solid way.

This event must be called the Great War, no less interesting.

because as you know The play is a signature CHANGE 2561 is a husband-wife drama with a spicy, hot and spicy flavor while the character’s dialogue They fight each other non-stop. Let’s curse the fire without having to identify the caramel.

And when a slapping and kissing drama goddess comes down to play in the Y series market like this How happy will the taste be!!!???

It is said that this work CHANGE opens the first Y series cycle with the project “PIT BABE THE SERIES” which as soon as the name of this project was revealed. in social networks, especially websites Let’s talk about each other.

Not just the point that this story is based on an online novel that has been read over 700 million times.

But this story is still an 18+ rated novel.

Many people said that even Dare to raise a plot of a novel as “remove the crotch” to seduce people.

because even more when it falls into the hands of CHANGE 2561 which is so well known in the history of love scenes I don’t want to imagine that the “win-lose” scene of a man with a man in this story How much will make the hearts of the viewers run wild!!!???

And it is very possible that it can be intense until it can be broadcast on the channel GMM 25 which is the main market channel of the Y series

But that’s not a problem!!!

Because do not forget that the past drama under the logo CHANGE 2561 not tied to tiffin, broadcasting only 2 channels that are the concession of GMM GRAMMY, but also distributed to other partner channels, whether Channel 3, Amarin TV, PPTV or even various online platforms

Therefore, it shouldn’t be a big deal for the 18+ Y series to be broadcast on a regular and appropriate channel.
It is also good and bad. that is tearing up the market to play in this style Because you are trying to capture the Y market in a kick-ass, sweet and romantic style. dream match having to fight and approve one of the favorites that is the market leader series Y which is a camp of brothers and sisters joining the building GMM Television that seems to have a monopoly on the channel GMM 25 mainly and only this year There is a list of ten titles which are being prepared for broadcast. Even if you do good things, it’s always true. But still known as second rate boxing there. Why will you fight like the first time in the style you are good at? who already have more chances to win

This work has to wait to see if the Y series is overshadowed CHANGE 2561 Which channel are you going to go out? and will be able to create new markets for “Code Seven” How much do you get? How!!???

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