Let’s do it. “Doctor Plai” opens the prophecy. The second half of the year 65 will have a shocking story in the entertainment industry?

I have to tell you what predictions come out. Often there are many events that occur exactly for “The late doctor” latestPredict the horoscope for the second half of the year 65 There will be a shock Both celebrities broke up and died. couple “Nadech – Yaya” At the end of next year, there will be good news.

by “The late doctor” has come out for an interview Ready to reveal the horoscope for the second half of the year 65 clearly that ….

(Question) : Open the luck for the second half of the year. Many celebrities break up. new star Shocking the industry?

“Doctor” : In the second half of the year, there will be quite a lot of breaking news. The matter of marriage is quite half-hearted. And then there will be a new star that will come up soon that suddenly comes up like a shock, probably a sweet young man

(Question) : As previously predicted, there will be news of a famous couple?

“Doctor” : Well, the news is already out. at the end said A woman with short hair, right? Already released the news as thought But I think that there should be many more couples at the end of the idea.

(Question) : At the end of next year, “Nadech – Yaya” will have good news?

“Doctor” : Another pair, right? Probably won’t get married this year. But at the end of the year, there should be good news to announce roughly. But we are not close personally so I don’t know how.

(Question) : Will there be news that shocks the entertainment industry after this?

“Doctor” : Most of it will be a breakup. More quarrels are seen.

(Question) : So, for example, will the loss be less?

“Doctor” : The loss is much less. It’s not scary like at the beginning of the year, it’s less. The percentage will be only 10-20% from what I saw last time.

(Question) : Anything you’d like to warn of in the second half of the year?

“Doctor” : In the second half of the year, what I would like to warn about is probably more of a flood. that want Thai people to be very careful in the matter of water Whether it’s waterlogging, flooding, and definitely overflowing. must be very careful

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